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Peace, throughout the Galaxy and at home.

From the beginning of time, this one dream has persisted. To achieve such a goal, the Global Security Council was formed; to protect world peace from those who would destroy it.

The Eagle Riders were established: five courageous young people whose cellular structure allows them to transform into powerful superheroes. Capable of extraordinary abilities on their own, as a team they are unstoppable.

My name is Dr. Thaddeus Keane. I brought the Eagle Riders together. And together they will remain; as long as they are needed to defend the Global Good.

-- Dr. Thaddeus Keane, International Science Organization --

Eagle Riders: For the Global Good

Compiled and Written by Transmute Jun

Why did I decide to make a fan page for Eagle Riders? For the Global Good, of course! Okay, that?s a completely tongue in cheek response, but in a way it?s entirely true.

Like many Gatchaman fans, I know nothing of Japanese other than important phrases such as ?Kagaku Nimpou Hinotorida? and ?Hakase?. And living in North America, I knew I had very little hope of getting my hands on any kind of English version of the Gatchaman II or Gatchaman Fighter series.

Enter Eagle Riders.

Eagle Riders is to Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter what Battle of the Planets and G-Force are to the original Gatchaman. Best of all, the soundtrack (although not incorporating any original Gatchaman music) is acceptable, and there are no annoying robots narrating the story while telling us how valuable they are to the team. All footage is original Tatsunoko animation, and the hero characters all have last names, which is a first for any Gatchaman-based series.

Of course, there is a down side, and it is that the show was somewhat watered down for North American audiences, including the insistence that all of the enemy troops were actually androids (and it was therefore ?okay? if they died). Some of the more ?violent? scenes were cut, and the viewer would often be assured that characters who seemed to be ?dead? were in fact recovering from their injuries. Worst of all, the character of G-1 was altered, and now the leader of the team often appeared to be somewhat more whiny and annoying than in any other series/version. This enhanced the G-2 character personality, and also allowed the G-3 character to shine more.

About a year ago, I was lucky enough to find the full series of Eagle Riders episodes available online, and I eagerly snatched them up, waiting for my first real glimpse of the series I had so desperately longed to see. As I was waiting for the arrival of my DVDs, I searched online for background about this particular Gatchaman incarnation. And I found...


I?m not going to claim that Eagle Riders is the best Gatchaman-based series out there, but I was shocked to see how little information (including a proper episode guide) was truly available. And that was when I decided that since I was going to watch all 65 episodes anyway, it wouldn?t be too difficult to write up each one as I went.

This project has taken longer than I had anticipated, but in the end, I?m pretty proud of the result. I hope that my work is of use to others who come across this site. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of the Eagle Riders.

Eagle Riders, what?s our mission?

To defend the Global Good!