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Eagle Riders Characters Name Comparison

Here are the character names of Saban's Eagle Riders cartoon in comparison to the original Gatchaman names and the other spin-off series: Battle of te Planets and G-Force.

Eagle Riders Hunter Harris Joe Thax Kelly Jennar Mickey Dugan Ollie Keeawani
Gatchaman Ken Washio Joe Asakura Jun Jinpei Ryu Nakanishi
Battle of the Planets Mark Jason Princess Keyop Tiny Harper
G-Force Ace Goodheart Dirk Daring Agatha ("Aggie") June Pee Wee Hoot ("Hooty") Owl

Eagle Riders Dr. Thaddeus Keane Lukkan Vorak Cybercon Eagle Riders Cybercom
Gatchaman Dr. Kozaburo Nambu Berg Katse Galactor Sosai X
Battle of the Planets Chief Anderson Zoltar Spectra O Luminous One
The Great Spirit
G-Force Dr. Benjamin Brighthead Gallactor   Computor

Eagle Riders Mallanox Dr. Francine Aikens Happyboy Olaf Vax Mechanic Avery
Gatchaman II/Fighter Gel Sadra Dr. Silvie Pandora Count Erun Egobossler Mechandor Kempler Chief Engineer Kamo
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The Eagle Riders series used different designations for some of the uniforms: Hunter Harris was referred to as a Hawk rather than Eagle, Joe Thax was a Falcon, and Kelly Jenar became a Dove (as opposed to Swan). The remaining two members, however, kept their original bird themes.

In Eagle Riders, the Ultra Eagle 1 is the original God Phoenix, the Ultra Eagle is the New God Phoenx, and the Ultra Eagle 5 is the Gatchaspartan.