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Dr. Pratt/Joe and Dr. Boyd/Hunter on the train to Vorakville
Dr. Pratt/Joe and Dr. Boyd/Hunter on the train to Vorakville.

X58 Wild Ride

[G-F #31: Runaway! The Great Train Chase]

Dr. Keane is trying to decipher Cybercon’s Space Pulse with help from top scientists from around the world. He has been working mostly with Dr. Zeid, but their project was suddenly interrupted when Zeid had to leave the country. The doctor was called back to his homeland because his son had suffered a serious mountaineering accident. Details were sketchy, but he rushed back anyway.

However, on his plane trip back home, Dr. Zeid is attacked by men on the plane. The doctor disappears, and Dr. Keane is unable to find him. Several more scientists are abducted, and that’s when Hunter and Joe are assigned to investigate.

Impersonating Drs. Boyd and Pratt, Hunter and Joe hold themselves out as bait. The kidnappers can’t resist. Hunter and Joe are ‘captured’ and are put on a train traveling to some other location. The train is full of Vorak androids. Also on the train is a young boy sleeping in a cargo car.

The train track mechanically alters to attach to a secret underground track, and the train disappears below the surface without a trace. It meets up with another train that holds Olaf and another group of Vorak androids. It is towed backward down this new railway.

Hunter and Joe wake up sitting on the train, in a car with a number of other scientists. Dr. Zeid is sitting next to them. He addresses them as Drs. Boyd and Pratt, but notes that they look a little different from how he remembers them. Hunter and Joe pull off their masks, revealing their true faces, and introducing themselves to Dr. Zeid. Gee, a secret identity just isn’t worth much these days, is it? Zeid demands to know what they were doing ‘dressed up as scientists’.

Hunter informs Zeid that his son was never in an accident. It was a setup by the Vorak. All of the scientists who have worked on the Space Pulse technology have been kidnapped by the Vorak, likely because the scientists were on the verge of a great discovery.

Hunter and Joe (back in their scientist disguises) free the rest of the scientists. Joe declares that when they ‘get out of this tunnel’ they will make a break for it. But Zeid informs them that they are not in a tunnel, they are underground.

The little boy in the cargo car wakes up and looks outside. He is alarmed at first to see the train moving backwards, but eventually decides that this is ‘cool’, and that he must be in the longest tunnel in the world.

Back at Happyboy’s castle, the blue one is talking to Cybercon. He informs Cybercon that everything is going to plan. Cybercon is happy, because he wants to kill these scientists before they blunder onto the secret of the Space Pulse. With them out of the way, Keane ‘and his flunkies’ will never stop Cybercon. Happyboy contacts Olaf, telling him to kill all of the scientists except Zeid. Happyboy wants to keep Zeid, as the Doctor may be of use to Happyboy later. Plus, Cybercon wants to interrogate Zeid to see exactly how much he knows.

Olaf enters the scientists’ car with his men, yelling at Dr. Boyd/Hunter to wake up. Zeid interrupts, asking Olaf where they are going. Why, to Vorakville, of course! Sheesh! At least it’s not Cybercon-Town or Happyboyville.

Vorakville is several miles beneath the surface of the Earth, and it’s where the Vorak headquarters are. Wait a minute! I thought Vorak Headquarters were at Happyboy’s castle which was attacked in episode 51? Perhaps it’s been moved since then.

Olaf taunts Dr. Zeid, telling him that he will never see the sun again. Zeid is going to live in Vorakville and do the Vorak’s bidding. Hunter and Joe listen as Olaf goes on. After Olaf and his men leave, Hunter tells Joe that they can use their disguises to infiltrate Vorak headquarters. But what about the scientists? Joe wants to know.

Hunter wants Joe to get the scientists out of there, but Joe insists that he’s come this far; he wants to see the Vorak headquarters. Way to be a team player, Joe! Joe suggests that Hunter call the Ultra Eagle 5 and have Ollie round the scientists up. Hunter likes the idea, but the problem is that they’re so far underground their wristbands aren’t working. So Joe finally agrees to take the scientists out of there. Hunter and Joe decide to make their way to the back of the train.

Back at Vorakville, Happyboy uses a camera to spy on the captive scientists. They spot Hunter and Joe, now in Eagle Mode, helping the scientists escape. Immediately, Happyboy contacts Olaf, telling him that the Eagle Riders are there. He orders Olaf to let the scientists’ car loose, so that it can be dumped into the lava. Olaf does this, and Hunter realizes that their car has been released from the main body of the train. Hunter has a bad feeling about this. Meanwhile, Joe shoots out the camera with a feather dart. A little late Joe, but not a bad idea.

The track shifts again, and the scientists’ train to Vorakville is re-routed for disaster. There is a pool of bubbling lava ahead.

Dr. Keane asks Kelly (she and Ollie and Mickey are on the Ultra Eagle 5) if they have heard from Hunter and Joe yet. No, reports Kelly, their homing signals cut out at the train yard. Keane suggests that they return to the train yard to see if they can find any clues. This seems like an obvious course of action. I guess being in command has turned Kelly clueless, like Hunter usually is.

In the runaway car, the Eagle Riders and the scientists are holding on for dear life as the train rushes down a steep slope. Happyboy taunts them with audio messages such as ‘How does it feel to be on a train to nowhere, Eagle Riders?’ Vax protests that Zeid will die too. Happyboy regrets this; he wanted to have Dr. Zeid solve the riddle of the Space Pulse for him. But getting rid of the Eagle Riders takes priority.

In the runaway train, Vorak androids come tumbling in, pushing each other out the exit. They end up being run over by the train. The little boy from the cargo car comes tumbling through as well, but Joe catches him. The boy’s name is Jimmy and it turns out that he is a self-proclaimed ‘expert on everything to do with locomotives’. How convenient!

Since there’s clearly time to have a conversation before certain death, Jimmy asks Joe if he is one of the Eagle Riders. Joe admits that he is, and Jimmy goes on again, saying his father told him all about the Eagle Riders, just as he told Jimmy about trains. He’s a train engineer. But he’s been missing for a long time. Does Joe know him?

Joe admits it’s possible, but then remembers that he has to prevent the train from going into a lava bed. He’ll talk to Jimmy later. Sure took him long enough!

Jimmy points out that the rear of the train is a C Locomotive, and can be used to power all of the cars. Hunter and Jimmy go to the C car and stop the train, but gravity is against them. The wheels lock and the train is skidding down an incline to the lava. Joe jumps out the rear of the train and uses his cyborg strength to slow the train more, growling through gritted teeth the entire way.  A near-crisis is averted, Superman-style. Joe, you rock!

“It’s a good thing I go to the gym.” Joe smirks. Okay, Joe, I think some of the coolness factor just rubbed off with that remark.

Jimmy and the scientists cheer.

Happyboy is still watching on camera and curses that the Eagle Riders avoided certain death again. It’s unfair that they keep slipping through his fingers. More Vorak troops are sent out to meet the Eagle Riders ‘on Track 3, near the lava bed’. Boy, those Vorak sure know how to give directions! Tanks are sent out to engage the Eagle Riders.

Meanwhile, Hunter is shoveling coal into the train’s engines, and Jimmy is driving the train out of the tunnel. But once they reach the main track, the rails shift again and the Vorak tanks are behind them. The scientists dive for cover as the tanks shoot into their passenger car. Joe and Hunter stand on the roof of the moving train and aim at the ceiling with their guns, sending the rock above crashing down onto their pursuers.

Happyboy is angered by another escape, and tells his controller that it’s time to move to the ‘backup plan’. The controller questions the decision to let them escape to the surface.

“You don’t have to understand! Just do what I say! Do you understand that?” Happyboy rants. Yep. The controller understands that.

A train track ramp emerges from the ceiling and the Eagle Riders and scientists escape. But it seems too easy to Joe. He thinks the Vorak allowed them to escape. A giant pot-bellied robot with a Vorak devil symbol on its belt appears on the train tracks ahead.

“See that? What did I tell you? These guys are right on schedule.” Joe smirks. Joe clearly enjoys being right.

But now that they’re above ground, Kelly is receiving Hunter’s homing signal, and it’s not too far away from their location. Ollie makes haste to get the Ultra Eagle 5 to Hunter and Joe.

The train moves faster, and the pot-bellied robot goes toddling after it. I’m serious, it looks like a shaky, overweight toddler as it chases after them. As an afterthought, it shoots a few laser beams from its eyes.

The scientists scream as their passenger car rocks again. The robot grabs for them just as the Ultra Eagle 5 appears, shooting lasers at the robot. Joe and Hunter jump up to catch the ship, and the next thing you know, Hunter is engaging Delta Power, using the Phase Foil and slicing the robot’s hand off. Then Hunter cuts it off at the knees… literally. The pot-belly rolls off and becomes some kind of escape craft, laser beams spinning all around its middle. This doesn’t bother Hunter, who drives the Ultra Eagle right through it.

“What is it with these guys?” Happyboy tantrums. He tells Vax that they’re going to have to destroy the underground railroad, to prevent the Eagle Riders from finding Vorakville.

The team says goodbye to Jimmy, making him an ‘honorary Eagle Rider’. Kelly says he should look them up if he is in town, and Joe tells Jimmy that he is the best engineer he knows. Hunter is sad to say goodbye to Jimmy, who represents what the Eagle Riders are fighting for. It is important to defend the Global Good.

Joe reveals his identity to Dr. Zeid
Joe reveals his identity to Dr. Zeid.
Hunter pulls off his mask in front of everyone
Hunter pulls off his mask in front of everyone.
The Eagle Riders appear on the Vorak security monitors
The Eagle Riders appear on the Vorak security monitors.
Olaf supervises the train full of ISO scientists
Olaf supervises the train full of ISO scientists.
Joe, Hunter and Dr. Zeid discover that their train has been re-routed
Joe, Hunter and Dr. Zeid discover that their train has been re-routed.
Hunter sees the approaching lava
Hunter sees the approaching lava.
Kelly, Mickey and Ollie report to Dr. Keane
Kelly, Mickey and Ollie report to Dr. Keane.
Everyone holds on as the train goes rushing down a steep hill
Everyone holds on as the train goes rushing down a steep hill.
The Vorak shove their way out of the doomed train
The Vorak shove their way out of the doomed train.
Happyboy regrets that he cannot question Dr. Zeid
Happyboy regrets that he cannot question Dr. Zeid.
The Eagle Riders accept their mission
The Eagle Riders accept their mission.
Joe has time for a chat with Jimmy before certain death
Joe has time for a chat with Jimmy before certain death.
Jimmy tells Hunter that the front train is a C locomotive
Jimmy tells Hunter that the front train is a C locomotive.
Joe stops the train, Superman-style
Joe stops the train, Superman-style.
Good thing Joe goes to the gym!
Good thing Joe goes to the gym!
Hunter shovels coal to fuel the locomotive
Hunter shovels coal to fuel the locomotive.
Hunter shoots at the ceiling of the train tunnel
Hunter shoots at the ceiling of the train tunnel.
Hunter's seat moves back to leave the Bridge and enter the Super Hawk
Hunter and Joe are surprised to be outside again.
Kelly is able to contact Hunter and Joe when the train emerges aboveground
Kelly is able to contact Hunter and Joe when the train emerges aboveground.
The pot-bellied Vorak robot
The pot-bellied Vorak robot.
Joe and Jimmy spot the Vorak's latest robot
Joe and Jimmy spot the Vorak's latest robot.
Hunter prepares to attack with the Phase Foil
Hunter prepares to attack with the Phase Foil.
The Eagle Riders say goodbye to Jimmy
The Eagle Riders say goodbye to Jimmy.

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