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The meeting room of the Global Security Council
The meeting room of the Global Security Council.

X53 Energy Crisis

[G-F #12: The Order to Destroy the Mantle Base]

The Vorak have been taking over the energy resources of the planet, including vast reserves of petroleum. Joe observes that this must be stopped, because if the Vorak have all of the energy, they will control the planet completely. The Eagle Riders have to figure out where the Vorak are going to strike next.

Dr. Keane reports to the Global Security Council that the Vorak are now going after the oil shale, since they have all of the petroleum reserves. One member asks if the ISO has had any success in cracking the secret Vorak code yet. Dr. Keane responds that the ISO has linguistics experts working around the clock on it. If they can figure it out then perhaps they can interpret the Vorak’s orders and prevent them from succeeding in their attacks. The Global Security Council wants the Eagle Riders to work on it, but Dr. Keane responds that they are busy on a Priority One assignment. Besides which, when was it ever the Eagle Riders’ jobs to crack codes? They’re the action/combat force, not the scientists!

Meanwhile, Dr. Keane shows a map of Europe to the Global Security Council. It has a number of black spots on it. Dr. Keane states that these are the areas of oil shale that the Vorak are likely to attack. One council member asks if the areas near his country will be protected, but Dr. Keane says they can’t do much unless they know where the Vorak will be attacking, and they can’t do that until they break the secret code. The Global Security Council members insist that they want to know what information the ISO has uncovered so they can run it by their scientists, but Dr. Keane reiterates that the information is classified and can’t be shared. However, he expects co-operation from all of the members, even though he isn’t sharing information with them. Pretty one-sided, Dr. Keane!

Meanwhile, Avery and ISO scientist Peterson are working on the last combination of settings to break the secret Vorak code. Avery notes that the Vorak computers are far more technologically advanced than theirs. Hunter suggests that they should just call it quits. That’s not very masterful of you, Hunter.

But just as Hunter says this, the code is cracked. Avery notes that 3, 8 and 9 are the key programs. Peterson locks on and sets up alternating code rhythms. Avery patches the message they are decoding into the Global Security Council meeting room. The message says:

The Vorak will invade Europe within twenty-four hours. The object is to raid all energy bases there, including petroleum, oil shale, uranium, and iron, as well as their iron foundries. The purpose is to build an army of steel robots, using these resources. Once Cybercon and Happyboy take over the world, they plan…

Unfortunately, the rest of the message has been lost, as the disc goes blank at this point.  Still, they know where the Vorak will attack, so Dr. Keane dispatches the Eagle Riders immediately. Actually, it’s not very specific. Europe is a pretty big place!

The Eagle Riders take off in their individual vehicles, heading for Europe. But they are too late. The Vorak and the Scorpius Force are already attacking and destroying everything in their path. The Vorak have taken over the largest refinery, foundry, iron and uranium mines. They now have everything they need to create their metal monsters all under one roof.

Cybercon laughs that the Eagle Riders will no longer be a problem. Happyboy declares that the Eagle Riders have been a thorn in his side long enough, and he wants to ‘swat them like the flies they are’.  He says that when their robot army is assembled, he is going to ‘barbeque those birds’.

Meanwhile the Eagle Riders receive news that the Vorak have taken over the Sorich Plant in Europe. But the Vorak are destroying this plant, rather than occupying it. The Eagle Riders approach, and Kelly notes that everyone has evacuated the area. Ollie says that the whole place has been destroyed. He surmises that the Vorak will use the metal from the destruction for their robots. Kelly declares that they must locate the Vorak, and Hunter agrees. Seems like an obvious course of action to me.

But Cybercon appears in front of them, and the Eagle Riders are in danger of colliding with the massive computer. They manage to avoid the giant pyramid and converge. I still don’t understand why they don’t launch and fly around converged all of the time. It would be much more convenient.

Hunter engages Delta Power and attempts to use the Phase Foil on Cybercon. But as he prepares to do this, the Eagle Riders get a message from Dr. Keane, telling them that Cybercon has found a way to extract iron, uranium and petroleum, and use them to create his robots almost instantaneously. The Eagle Riders must stop Cybercon before it’s too late. 

Cybercon laughs as he uses all the energy he needs to create his army of robots. He creates a TH232, which looks like a big guy in armor. Then he makes a Dinosaur Stacker, a Ten Winged Horned Clawer, and an Arrow Interceptor (the Cyclops robot from the previous episode). Cybercon plans to make a thousand of each, and an extra thousand of his favorite Cyclops robot.

Meanwhile, some Global Security Council tanks are shooting at Cybercon while Hunter does a drive-by with the Phase Foil. He slices a nice cut into Cybercon’s side, screaming like a caveman the entire time. But Cybercon repairs himself faster than Hunter can damage him.

Dr. Keane contacts the Eagle Riders and tells them to destroy the Energy Reactor at the plant, to prevent the Vorak from creating a super strong magnesium alloy. Hunter vows to take out the reactor. Hunter tells everyone to disembark and asks Avery to pilot the Ultra Eagle 5 via remote control.

The team flies down to a conveyor belt sending raw materials to Cybercon. Cybercon picks up the team with the metals and takes them inside of his body. Vorak androids see the Eagle Riders being taken in, but don’t shoot at them since the materials surrounding the team are volatile, and could explode if fired upon.

Inside of Cybercon’s body, the team sees floating streams of molten iron. Joe surmises that these streams should lead them to the reactor. On the way, they meet Cybercon’s new robots. The robots come to life and begin attacking the Eagle Riders. Hunter easily destroys them in hand to hand combat with the Phase Foil, but a new creature appears, which looks like a melted worm with a big eye on the end. Joe shoots a rocket-powered feather dart into the middle of the eye, and Kelly hits it with a few shots from her gun. The eye responds with a giant pink beam that envelops Hunter, causing him to freeze and cry out in agony. Another melted worm monster appears. With great effort, Hunter leaps out of the beam and slices the first melted worm in half, stating that he ‘hates to break up a set’.

Meanwhile, Kelly has found the Energy Reactor. But two more robots are attacking Mickey, who asks for help. Hunter just tells Mickey to ‘quit clowning around and get over here’. He states that they can’t worry about the robots right now because they have to get to the Reactor. The Eagle Riders all run to the Reactor, being chased by the robots the entire way. Hunter slices the Reactor with his Phase Foil, and does some Jedi-esque show-off moves to sheathe it. Problem is, the laser beam is still glowing when he sheathes it. Did that hurt, Hunter?

Apparently not, as Hunter runs back to the others, telling them that the Energy Reactor is going to blow. Wait a minute. Why did Hunter even need the others? He’s the one who ran the show here!

Yet, more robots are approaching. Hunter has everyone form a circle and they commence the Delta Tornado (this time without the Phase Foil in the center). Now the entire team becomes useful. The Delta Tornado destroys the robots and causes Cybercon’s pyramid to begin shaking. The Eagle Riders rise up, breaking out of Cybercon’s body and escaping. Molten irons runs rampant in Cybercon’s body.

Cybercon regrets losing his robots, but says that ‘there’s no use crying over spilled magnesium alloy’. He bids his metal friends goodbye as they melt in the iron (telling them ‘it would have been a blast’) and leaves, vowing to regenerate. For failing him, Cybercon spews molten iron over the Vorak androids outside who did not destroy the Eagle Riders.

Happyboy is playing cards with Vax. He is interrupted by Olaf with news that the entire operation was a failure. Happyboy can’t believe it. There was no room for error. Olaf and Vax tremble at Happyboy’s anger as he vows to take care of the Eagle Riders for once and for all.

Dr. Keane is happy to hear the news of the Vorak’s defeat, and doesn’t seem to be too distressed that the plant was destroyed. The Global Good has been defended once again.

The individual Eagle Rider vehicles approach Cybercon's pyramid
The individual Eagle Rider vehicles approach Cybercon's pyramid.
Joe glares angrily at Cybercon
Joe glares angrily at Cybercon.
Mickey can't believe how much devastation the Vorak have caused
Mickey can't believe how much devastation the Vorak have caused.
Hunter prepares to use the Phase Foil on Cybercon's pyramid
Hunter prepares to use the Phase Foil on Cybercon's pyramid.
The Eagle Riders receive a message from Dr. Keane
The Eagle Riders receive a message from Dr. Keane.
Flying down to the ground
Flying down to the ground.
Facing off with Cybercon
Facing off with Cybercon.
Everyone searches for the Energy Reactor
Everyone searches for the Energy Reactor.
Ollie isn't certain Hunter is employing the right strategy
Ollie isn't certain Hunter is employing the right strategy.
Joe attacks Cybercon's robots with a feather dart
Joe attacks Cybercon's robots with a feather dart.
Kelly fires her gun at Cybercon's metal creations
Kelly fires her gun at Cybercon's metal creations.
Hunter is caught in a light beam
Hunter is caught in a light beam.
Kelly and Ollie rush to assist Hunter
Kelly and Ollie rush to assist Hunter.
Joe throws a feather dart at Cybercon
Joe throws a feather dart at Cybercon.
On the run from Cybercon's creations
On the run from Cybercon's creations.
The Delta Tornado
The Delta Tornado.
Happyboy's card game is interrupted
Happyboy's card game is interrupted.
After destroying multiple robots, Hunter is still ready for more
After destroying multiple robots, Hunter is still ready for more.
The team reacts as Hunter tells everyone that the Energy Reactor is about to blow
The team reacts as Hunter tells everyone that the Energy Reactor is about to blow.

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