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Happyboy plans his takeover of Melly
Happyboy plans his takeover of Melly.

X50 Conflict at Melly Island

[G-F #5: Charge! The Terrible Soldiers]

Dr. Keane informs the team that in the past few months, the Vorak have interrupted the food supply at the remote island of Melly. The islanders have always prided themselves on being able to provide for themselves, and can no longer do so. The Scorpius have destroyed their crops, and they have had no new food for the past three weeks. The team sympathizes with the people of Melly, and decides to assist the food supply ship that is being sent. They also want to check out the island to see why the Vorak are so interested in it.

Meanwhile, Happyboy is talking with his associate Vax. He asks if the spirits of the people of Melly have been broken yet. Vax says ‘not yet’ and Happyboy responds with a pithy ‘The Oppressor who hesitates is lost.’ Clearly Happyboy has grand visions of himself, and the glass of red wine in his hand proves it. He orders Vax to bring the people of Melly to their knees. Vax proposes tampering with the supply ships the ISO has sent for them.

The Eagle Riders (in five separate vehicles) are accompanying the supply ships. Kelly goes down to check the water for mines and doesn’t spot any. Hunter orders her back into formation.

The port of Melly is jammed with well-wishers waiting for the food, including three small boys. The Eagle Riders enjoy seeing the happy people. But just as the supply ships approach, a giant Vorak robot appears from out of the ocean. The Eagle Riders turn back to face it. Hunter fires Turbo Missiles, as does Joe, but they have no effect. Everyone fires laser weapons to distract the robot, but this doesn’t work either. The robot lashes its tail, and two of the supply boats go under. One of the small boys on the dock is upset, but he is happy at least that the sailors on those boats had time to abandon ship.

The boy’s reverie is disrupted however when Vax and an army of giant soldiers emerge from a submarine in front of them. The Eagle Riders cannot interfere as they are busy dealing with the robot (which has just destroyed the last supply ship). The five components converge and form the Ultra Eagle 5. They merge onto a united Bridge, except Hunter, who is preparing to engage Delta Energy in his plane. But the dinosaur-like robot submerges to avoid the Phase Foil attack, and sends mines from its tail into the water. Now the Eagle Riders cannot attack Vax’s submarine for fear of destroying the island in the resulting mine explosion.

Vax tells the people of Melly to make munitions for the Vorak in a nearby castle, and they will be fed. Otherwise they will starve. The Eagle Riders leave, hiding their ship underwater some distance away. Ollie is left behind to babysit the ship (Guess the Ultra Eagle 5 doesn’t have an Otto Pilot!) while everyone else uses scuba gear to make their way onshore.

The Eagle Riders find the island mostly deserted. The three small boys from the dock try to attack them with buckets on their heads, and make fun of the Eagle Riders’ costumes. Joe just laughs. Hunter tells the boys that they are the Eagle Riders, and the boys are suddenly impressed. Joe promises to get rid of the Scorpius. The boys totally capitulate when Hunter offers them a meal.

Kelly encourages the boys to eat as they all sit around a campfire. But the boys accuse her of not truly helping, since the rest of the citizens of Melly are now prisoners of the Vorak. Kelly protests that they are working on a plan, just as Joe comes to invite her to join their strategy session. I know what strategy I’d like to discuss with Joe…

During their meeting, the Eagle Riders observe that the drawbridge is not a viable entrance for them, so Kelly suggests that they scale the castle walls. Hunter likes the idea. The boys eavesdrop and take off before the Eagle Riders can.

The team spots the boys in a small rowboat approaching the castle. Kelly calls out to warn them, but Hunter stops her, saying that calling out will only ‘upset them.’. Kelly doesn’t understand the logic of his argument and protests. Frankly I don’t understand it either, but I’ll give Hunter the benefit of the doubt. These boys are annoying me and I won’t be too upset if they go up in flames.

Meanwhile, the boys suddenly notice that their rowboat is surrounded by mines, and realize the stupidity of their decision. Unfortunately, one of the mines is on a collision course with another mine, and the boys scream out. Lucky for the boys, the team (back in their scuba gear) are underneath the boat, holding it in place and dragging the mines safely away. The boys call it a miracle, but when they finally disembark their boat they see the Eagle Riders’ discarded scuba gear. Kelly smiles at the boys, telling them that she has a solution so that they won’t get in trouble anymore.

It turns out that Kelly’s solution is to have Hunter tie up the boys with rope and gags. I like your thinking, Kelly! Very inventive. Once the boys are secured, they watch the Eagle Riders climb the castle walls and enter through an open window. But the boys aren’t as stupid as they look. They’re cutting their ropes on a sharp piece of rock.

The Eagle Riders move stealthily through the base, arriving at the prison where the citizens of Melly are being held. The citizens are being guarded by a giant Vorak android, and Joe shouts out a warning as Hunter goes barreling in. Joe’s poison gas feather dart knocks out the android as Joe says, “Night-night!” Somehow, that didn’t really sound like what I would expect Joe to say. Maybe he’s still a bit exhausted?

Meanwhile, the boys are preparing a bomb that will blow a hole in the castle wall so the people can escape. They scale the wall as the Eagle Riders are letting the citizens out of the prison and Joe is pointing the way to the exit. I always knew Joe had a career in stewardessing.

Somehow, the boys find a secret passageway to the ‘Throne Room’ and go through it, entering through the floor. Vax, sitting on the throne, doesn’t notice, and brags that the citizens of Melly will make all of the weapons the Vorak need within a month. Vax orders one of the giant androids to take the ‘projections’ to the Vorak’s ‘esteemed leader’. The android grunts in response.

The boys drop their bomb and are caught by the same grunting android. Quickly, they kick the bomb behind a stone pillar. The android lifts up one of the boys by his arm (still grunting in caveman fashion) and the boy kicks at the robot. His flailing is ineffective, and another giant android pushes the boys to the floor. Vax points his gun threateningly at them, but says that his intention is to ‘put the boys to work’.

But before Vax can do anything, the Eagle Riders bust in, along with the citizens of Melly. Joe has put the giant androids to sleep with his poison gas. Vax decides to use the three boys as hostages. But the boys’ bomb goes off, knocking out the two remaining giant androids, and Vax runs to his submarine. He taunts the Eagle Riders, calling them ‘chicken-winged wonders’  and telling them that they will be ‘sorry they were ever hatched’.

Vax laughs as he leaves in the giant Dinosaur robot. Hunter calls for Ollie, who arrives, using the Gamma Laser on the Ultra Eagle 5 to slightly damage the robot before picking up the others. Ollie hasn’t seen a lot of action here, so I guess he’s due.

Hunter engages Delta Power and, knowing he only has once chance, uses his Phase Foil to cut off the arms of the giant robot. The robot’s head shoots off; presumably it is an escape pod for Vax.

Hunter’s individual vehicle rejoins the Ultra Eagle 5, and Hunter flips backwards to stand atop the back of the warship, holding out his Phase Foil in front of him and braving the rockets sent at the ship from the dismembered robot. The ship plows into what’s left of the robot, poking a giant hole in it and causing its destruction. The people of Melly cheer as they watch. The three boys state that they finally believe in the Eagle Riders. It sure took them long enough!

Vax vows that the Eagle Riders have wrecked his plans for the last time.

The next day, the Eagle Riders watch as the people of Melly welcome another supply ship into the harbor.

Vax assures Happyboy that the takeover of Melly will be successful
Vax assures Happyboy that the takeover of Melly will be successful.
Dr. Keane and Avery discuss Hunter's 'attitude'
Dr. Keane and Avery discuss Hunter's 'attitude'.
The Eagle Riders head off to the Island of Melly
The Eagle Riders head off to the Island of Melly.
Happyboy's castle
Happyboy's castle.
The Eagle Riders on the Bridge of the united Ultra Eagle 5
The Eagle Riders on the Bridge of the united Ultra Eagle 5.
Kelly checks out the waters around Melly for danger
Kelly checks out the waters around Melly for danger.
The Vorak Dinosaur robot attacks the supply ships
The Vorak Dinosaur robot attacks the supply ships.
Mickey and Kelly scuba diving
Mickey and Kelly scuba diving.
Joe impressed the boys of Melly with his tricks
Joe impressed the boys of Melly with his tricks.
The Eagle Riders discuss how to infiltrate the castle
The Eagle Riders discuss how to infiltrate the castle.
Scaling the walls of the castle
Scaling the walls of the castle.
Hunter enters the Melly castle
Hunter enters the Melly castle.
Vax gives a God of War a message for Happyboy
Joe shows the citizens of Melly the way to the exit.
Kelly frees the citizens of Melly
Kelly frees the citizens of Melly.
Vax gives a God of War a message for Happyboy
Vax gives a God of War a message for Happyboy.
Vax threatens the boys
Vax threatens the boys.
The Eagle Riders take cover from the bomb blast
The Eagle Riders take cover from the bomb blast.
Hunter uses the Phase Foil on the Dinosaur robot
Hunter uses the Phase Foil on the Dinosaur robot.
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Hunter is determined to get Vax.