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The Eagle Riders cannot believe Happyboy's audacity
The Eagle Riders cannot believe Happyboy's audacity.

X48 A New Threat

[G-F #1: New Dark Clouds] /

[G-F #2: Debut! Gatchaspartan]

A new ISO building has been constructed, to replace the one destroyed in the tidal wave. Director Anderson has retired, leaving Dr. Keane in charge. Dr. Keane reports to the Global Security Council on a new threat, the Scorpius Force, which is taking over various countries of the world. This new force, like the Vorak, is full of androids, but it is much more organized and vicious. Dr. Keane says that the Eagle Riders will help protect large cities, but they are only five people, and other resistance must be mustered against this new threat.

Meanwhile, a small red fragment from the remains of Cybercon’s base floats in the air. It is the core of Cybercon, and he has not been destroyed. He finds a metal factory, frightens off the security guard, and constructs a new body for himself from metal.

Dr. Keane and the other four Eagle Riders receive a message from Happyboy, who refuses to give his name (obviously he’s embarrassed by that ridiculous moniker) and wears his white mask. Happyboy demands the surrender of the planet to his unnamed self, otherwise he will destroy the new ISO Building. Dr. Keane refuses, and the man laughs, ending the communication.

Hunter wants to go after this man, but Dr. Keane says that he should not make decisions in anger. Hunter gives an ultimatum: if Dr. Keane doesn’t let the Eagle Riders ‘go after that creep this minute’, Hunter will leave the team. Sounds like Hunter’s gaining a bit of Joe’s temper and impulsiveness.

Everyone is shocked by Hunter’s behavior, but Dr. Keane relents under this pressure. Hunter thanks the Doctor for his faith in him.

The Ultra Eagle goes out to meet the Scorpius Force, whose troops are otherwise unopposed in their bid to take over the ISO Building. The Ultra Eagle easily defeats the Scorpius tanks, and it seems that they will win the entire encounter handily when a giant robot emerges from the ground. This thing is so massive, it makes the Ultra Eagle look like a fly. Yet it is incredibly fast, and Ollie has a hard time avoiding its grasping claws. Happyboy sits and watches aghast as the scene unfolds before him.

Eventually, the robot clips the Ultra Eagle and manages to shoot it down, where it bursts into flames and crashes on the ground. The Ultra Eagle is destroyed, and the four Eagle Riders are hurt and unconscious on the battlefield.

Hunter comes to long enough to see a giant metallic pyramid descending from the sky, and he quickly realizes that it is Cybercon. Cybercon laughs, calling Hunter by name, and tells him that unfortunately, Cybercon can’t destroy the team right now because their Eagle Rider suits are made with Strontium 90, an alkaline Earth metal. I guess we’ve discovered Cybercon’s weakness!

However, Cybercon’s new form has been constructed with new improvements, so that no human or cyborg is now capable of destroying him. Happyboy is amazed, not realizing that Cybercon was capable of assuming a physical shape like this.

Cybercon’s robot apparently has no issues with Strontium 90, so Cybercon activates the robot to destroy the defenseless team. Just then a giant drilling machine (called ‘Diggy’) emerges from below the ground and scoops up the Eagle Riders, along with the patch of dirt they were lying on, and escapes. Cybercon is angry, but pulls the robot back into his pyramid. He then grabs Happyboy from the ground and brings the blue-skinned man inside the pyramid to speak with him.

Inside the pyramid, Happyboy seems to float in space and darkness as he speaks with the new Cybercon. Cybercon tells Happyboy that he has forgotten who he is, and he gives Happyboy a portion of Mallanox’s memories. Happyboy now ‘recalls’ that he betrayed Cybercon, and he apologizes, saying that he is ready to achieve Cybercon’s vision. Cybercon demands full obedience from Happyboy, but tells him that in addition to the giant robot, he has built other machines and a new army of Vorak androids. Cybercon wants to make Happyboy his Field Marshall.

Apparently Happyboy isn’t as obedient as he looks, as he is planning on taking over the world so that he can rule it. But in the meantime, he’ll work with Cybercon. Happyboy is definitely planning on getting rid of Cybercon once he doesn’t need him anymore, and says so to his two generals (Olaf and Vax), once he is back at his castle.

Dr. Keane speaks with Joe, telling him that he will recover soon. A message comes in, stating that the Ultra Eagle has been shot down and there is no sign of the Eagle Riders. Joe tries to get out of bed to help his friends, but collapses on the floor.

Meanwhile, Diggy has deposited the four Eagle Riders inside a strange base, and Hunter wakes up, alarmed. He is approached by a man introducing himself as ‘Mechanic Avery’. Avery says that this is the Eagle Riders’ new base. Hunter hasn’t heard about a new base before, and Avery replies that Dr. Keane must just have ‘forgotten to mention’ it. Apparently the large red and yellow G on Avery’s hat is convincing, because Hunter immediately believes Avery, especially when the mechanic reveals that it was he who operated Diggy and saved the Eagle Riders from Cybercon’s robot. Hunter is glad to have a new base.

To be continued…

Happyboy orders Olaf to attack the UN Forces
Happyboy orders Olaf to attack the UN Forces.
The Eagle Riders are shocked to see the appearance of a giant robot
The Eagle Riders are shocked to see the appearance of a giant robot.
Ollie does some fancy flying
Ollie does some fancy flying.
The Ultra Eagle is destroyed
The Ultra Eagle is destroyed.
Cybercon's new pyramid form
Cybercon's new pyramid form.
Hunter is in bad shape after the Ultra Eagle is destroyed
Hunter is in bad shape after the Ultra Eagle is destroyed.
Happyboy and Vax are shocked to see the Eagle Riders rescued by Diggy
Happyboy and Vax are shocked to see the Eagle Riders rescued by Diggy.
Happyboy speaks with Cybercon inside the pyramid
Happyboy speaks with Cybercon inside the pyramid.
Cybercon's new face
Cybercon's new face.
Happyboy envisions taking over the planet
Happyboy envisions taking over the planet.
Joe is still recovering, with Dr. Keane's help
Joe is still recovering, with Dr. Keane's help.
Hunter is unconscious after Diggy rescues the team
Hunter is unconscious after Diggy rescues the team.
Kelly wakes up at the new Gateway 2 base
Kelly wakes up at the new Gateway 2 base.
Mechanic Avery introduces himself to Hunter
Mechanic Avery introduces himself to Hunter.
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