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Hunter wakes up, distressed to find Joe and Mallanox gone
Hunter wakes up, distressed to find Joe and Mallanox gone.

X47 Encounter of Evil

[G-II #52: The Destruction of Overlord X]

[G-F #1: New Dark Clouds]


Hunter awakens alone, and realizes that Joe and Mallanox have gone off to defeat Cybercon. He contacts Kelly and asks her to pick him up in the Ultra Eagle.

Mallanox leads Joe through the main Vorak base to Cybercon’s location. The door is being guarded by a group of Vorak Commandoes. Mallanox approaches them alone and tries to order them aside, but they call him a traitor and are about to attack. Joe flies down from the ceiling and defeats the Commandoes.

Mallanox realizes that his cellular structure is decaying. He is a creature of Cybercon, and has always been under Cybercon’s control. He is extremely weak. The border between Mallanox and Nancy also seems to be evaporating, as Mallanox is now speaking in a part male, part female voice.

Joe enters Cybercon’s room, leaving Mallanox collapsed on the ground at the entrance. He is in a strange, high-ceilinged chamber full of bizarre spherical devices. It almost seems as if he is in space, surrounded by planets. Cybercon appears and taunts Joe, before sending a shining white light from above to engulf the cyborg. Joe screams. This must be seriously painful. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Joe scream before, even when Mallanox was literally trying to rip him apart.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Eagle has picked up Hunter and is heading toward Cybercon’s base. The ship is detected, and the Vorak attempt to attack, but not before the remaining four Eagle Riders jump out of the Ultra Eagle and into the base. As they leave, Hunter orders Otto to use the Fire Eagle Maneuver, to defend against Vorak missiles.

Inside the base, the Eagle Riders easily defeat hordes of Vorak androids, but more keep arriving. Kelly tells Hunter to go find Joe, while she, Mickey and Ollie keep fighting. Hunter agrees and arrives at Cybercon’s chamber. He sees Mallanox collapsed on the floor, and Mallanox points out where Joe went.

Hunter follows and confronts Cybercon, realizing that Cybercon is nothing more than the ‘greatest computer in the universe’. Hunter promises to destroy Cybercon, but Cybercon laughs at Hunter’s threats, pointing out that the last person to make such threats was Joe, whom he reveals to be lying on the floor ‘like a beached flounder’. It appears that Joe is exhausted once again. Despite this, Joe tells Hunter that he needs to get out of there; that only Joe is capable of defeating Cybercon.

Mallanox wants to help, and gathers enough strength to press a panel, opening up a rift in the floor. Mallanox reveals that down below lies Cybercon’s connection to the base. This is also his power source. If Hunter destroys it, he will destroy Cybercon. Cybercon confirms this information when he gets angry with Mallanox for revealing his secret.

Cybercon shoots out blue lasers, hitting Mallanox and sending him into the rift, where he disappears. The other Eagle Riders arrive just in time to see Hunter also hit with a blue laser, sending him into the rift. At first, Hunter uses his wings to glide down, but then Cybercon shoots off a portion of them, causing Hunter to fall the rest of the way. Hunter pulls out his gun, but Cybercon uses an invisible force (magnetism?) to rip it out of his hands, then begins playing target practice with the Eagle Rider. Hunter pulls a bomb out of his bootheel and throws it at Cybercon, but it doesn’t cause much damage, despite being magnetically attracted to the computer. In a last ditch attempt to defeat Cybercon, Hunter throws his Frisbee, before falling to the ground.

While this battle has been going on, Joe has gathered his strength, and a series of X-Ray light flashes show the bomb in his chest. Joe attempts to activate the bomb, throwing himself into the rift as Kelly screams.

Cybercon laughs, revealing that he plans to destroy all of the planets in the solar system, and then create a race of machines that he can rule forever…

There is a giant explosion, and Joe is in the middle of it…

After the dust settles, Kelly, Mickey and Ollie are outside, attempting to wake up an unconscious Hunter. To their relief, he is alive. To everyone’s amazement, Joe is as well. Joe points out Hunter’s Frisbee sticking out of Cybercon’s remains, and claims that this is what killed the Vorak computer. Joe had intended to activate his bomb and destroy Cybercon, but Hunter’s Frisbee did it first. Let’s all say that Frisbee noise together: Whee!

The team wonders where Mallanox is, as they do not see any sign of him.

Mallanox has lost his mask and is Nancy again. She drags herself up to the top of a nearby hill and sees a beautiful lake surrounded by flowering meadows. She regrets that she forgot how beautiful the Earth was, and vows to spend the rest of her life protecting the planet.

A light comes from the clouds in the sky, and Cybercon’s voice speaks, telling Nancy that her sentiment comes too late. Cybercon transforms Nancy, telling her that he will rebuild her into a new creature who is better capable of servicing him. Mallanox’s body melts away, only leaving his clothing behind. The new creature’s name will be Happyboy, seeing as Mallanox always loved to laugh.

The Eagle Riders return home, and Dr. Keane says that his first priority will be removing the bomb from Joe’s body.

Days later, the rest of the team is hanging out at Kelly’s snack bar while Joe is recovering from his surgery. Hunter feels like the threat isn’t over, and that something is going to happen.

And of course, Hunter is right.

In a castle on a mountaintop, an unknown blue-skinned man holding a white mask speaks to his troops. He declares that they are the new and improved Vorak, a group known as the Scorpius Force, and that he will lead them to victory, even over the Eagle Riders. This man is the re-creation of Mallanox. His two associates, Vax and Olaf, are at his side.

Hunter goes to see Joe, who is in bed, still exhausted. Hunter opens the window blinds and telling him that the world is rebuilding, and everything is beautiful. Joe agrees, and hopes that it lasts.

Hunter contacts the Ultra Eagle
Hunter contacts the Ultra Eagle.
Mallanox and Joe work together to get into Cybercon's chamber
Mallanox and Joe work together to get into Cybercon's chamber.
Joe confronts Cybercon
Joe confronts Cybercon.
Cybercon's true form
Cybercon's true form.
Hunter and Mallanox work to defeat Cybercon
Hunter and Mallanox work to defeat Cybercon.
Kelly, Ollie and Mickey arrive on the scene
Kelly, Ollie and Mickey arrive on the scene.
Kelly is upset to see Hunter fall
Kelly is upset to see Hunter fall.
Hunter prepares to throw a bootheel bomb at Cybercon
Hunter prepares to throw a bootheel bomb at Cybercon.
Joe realizes what he has to do to defeat Cybercon
Joe realizes what he has to do to defeat Cybercon.
An X-ray flash reveals the bomb in Joe's chest
An X-ray flash reveals the bomb in Joe's chest.
Joe escapes the blast as Cybercon explodes
Joe escapes the blast as Cybercon explodes.
Kelly and Mickey are relieved to find that Hunter is alive
Kelly and Mickey are relieved to find that Hunter is alive.
Amazingly, Joe survived too!
Amazingly, Joe survived too!
Nancy is transformed into Happyboy
Nancy is transformed into Happyboy.
Hunter visits a still-weak Joe
Hunter visits a still-weak Joe.
A fragment of Cybercon survived the battle
A fragment of Cybercon survived the battle.
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Mallanox's new persona: Happyboy!