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Nancy wonders about her past
Nancy wonders about her past.

X45 Relativity

[G-II #50: Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra's Mother]

Joe is in the hospital, wearing a new shirt (A/N: It is actually his Gatchaman I civilian shirt. These scenes were taken from Gatchaman I episode 103) where he overhears the doctors saying that if Joe returns to duty he could jeopardize his recovery. Professor Andro still hasn’t recovered himself, so he can’t help fix Joe. Despite hearing this, Joe jumps out of the window and runs off, much to Dr. Keane’s dismay. The old Joe has returned. He’s not letting anyone else make decisions for him any longer!

Dr. Aikens is having nightmares. She mourns for her daughter Nancy, who died in the cruise ship Ambrose disaster. Hunter knocks on Aikens’ door, telling her that if she has nightmares, she should sleep with the lights on. And here I thought Hunter was going to offer a more ‘interesting’ form of comfort to Aikens…

A strange blonde woman named Nancy is also having nightmares. She cannot remember anything of her childhood and wants answers. It turns out that this woman is actually Mallanox. Yes, Mallanox, who has been referred to as a man for the entire series, turns out to actually be a woman!

Mallanox goes to Cybercon and demands to know of his (her?) childhood. Cybercon reveals that Mallanox’s family perished on the cruise ship Ambrose disaster, while Cybercon rescued Mallanox, as he needed her (his?) unique genetics for Vorak purposes. Mallanox is well rid of his (oh, you know what I mean) human family.

Joe returns during a briefing with Dr. Keane and the rest of the Eagle Riders, claiming that he went to ‘test himself’ to make sure that he was fit to accompany them on their mission. No one objects, so Joe returns to duty. I guess everyone is capitulating in the face of the ‘old Joe’ returning. This must mean that Hunter’s leadership skills are about to be emasculated…

Unfortunately, the data on Professor Andro’s tape from the previous episode was irretrievable, and the team still doesn’t know where Cybercon is. However, the Eagle Riders board the Ultra Eagle and go off to look for the new Main Beam Cannon of the Solar Shift Plan.

Meanwhile, Mallanox is unsatisfied with the answers that Cybercon has given him, so as Nancy, she goes to investigate the Ambrose disaster. A clerk at some kind of library tells her that there is a missing family: a woman survived, but her husband Herb died (A/N: the husband’s name was Frank back in episode 33) and her daughter went missing and was never found. Nancy looks at the photograph of the daughter and realizes that it is she. She also realizes that her mother is Dr. Aikens, and that this explains the strange psychic connection between them.

Okay, let’s recap. Back in episode 13 we learn that Mallanox’s father was Lukkan, a Vorak leader who worked with Cybercon. In episode 26 Mallanox tells us that his father was an alien and his mother was Irish. So, adding in this new data… Dr. Aiken is not only Irish, but she had a baby with Lukkan. Ewwwww…

Mallanox confronts Cybercon again, and Cybercon admits that he knew Mallanox’s mother was alive, and hid Nancy as a man (Mallanox) to protect her. (A/N: It isn’t fully explained, but it appears that he is Mallanox/a man when he wears his mask, and Nancy/a woman when she does not. Mallanox speaks with a harsh, male voice when the mask is on. Without the mask, Nancy speaks with a soft, feminine voice.) Nancy/Mallanox was also aged (through Cybercon’s powers) to become an adult to hide her/his true identity.

Cybercon points out that Nancy owes her allegiance to Cybercon, since he is the one who raised her: Dr. Aikens only had Nancy when she was a baby. To make amends he offers to reunite Mallanox with his mother. Mallanox is excited, and plans to convince Dr. Aikens to join the Vorak.

Dr. Aikens is visiting Nancy’s grave, since it is the two year anniversary of the Ambrose disaster. Dr. Aikens can’t help feeling that perhaps Nancy is alive somewhere. A strange man comes from out of nowhere and tells Dr. Aikens that Nancy is alive, and that he will take her to Nancy. Suddenly, Dr. Aikens is incredibly trusting, and goes with the man in a helicopter to a strange island. I guess those James Bond instincts just went right out the window.

The Eagle Riders are on the same island, because coincidentally, they have just discovered that it is a Vorak base. Joe sees something on the ground and declares that it must be a Solar Shifter Platform. He is instantly proven wrong when a helicopter lands on it, proving it to be a helipad. Joe uses binoculars and sees Dr. Aikens emerge from the helicopter with the Vorak. No one can believe that Aikens has turned to the other side.

Dr. Aikens is brought in to meet Mallanox, and he rips his mask off to reveal that he is actually Nancy. At first, Dr. Aikens doesn’t believe that this is her daughter (because her daughter would only be six years old), but Cybercon speaks, and reveals that Nancy has grown two decades in two years, in order to better serve the Vorak. Nancy wants to reconcile with Dr. Aikens, but the Doctor rebukes her, stating that Nancy went along with Cybercon’s plan to destroy the human race, even after she knew what Cybercon was doing. Dr. Aikens wants nothing to do with Nancy anymore.

A wall comes down, separating a heartbroken Nancy from her mother, and suddenly Dr. Aikens regrets that she didn’t even hug her daughter. Talk about not being able to make up your mind!

A glass tube descends from the ceiling, capturing Dr. Aikens and taking her away while Nancy runs off.

The Eagle Riders have infiltrated the base, and are fighting with the Vorak soldiers when Mallanox arrives. Everyone realizes that Dr. Aikens has been placed inside of a rocket, and they all rush to the scene, arriving just in time to see the rocket blast off into space. Mallanox is prostrate with grief, that he should be reunited with his mother and lose her again, all in one day. The Eagle Riders are distraught to see Dr. Aikens gone. For some unexplained reason, the Eagle Riders leave Nancy there in her grief, and do not arrest her or take her back to the ISO.

Cybercon gives Nancy one last present: pictures of her family from before they boarded the Ambrose. Interestingly, Dr. Aikens’ husband, looks nothing like Lukkan. I’m guessing that Francine got herself impregnanted by Lukkan and then married Herb Aikens, foisting the child’s parentage off on him. Nice…

Nancy is angry and upset with Cybercon, who fails to notice, and only berates Nancy for appearing without her mask.

Joe remembers the day he thought he would die
Joe remembers the day he thought he would die.
Joe recalls being rescued by Professor Andro
Joe recalls being rescued by Professor Andro.
Hunter and Kelly worry about Joe's health
Hunter and Kelly worry about Joe's health.
An exhausted Joe boards the Ultra Eagle
An exhausted Joe boards the Ultra Eagle.
Nancy searches for information about her family
Nancy searches for information about her family.
The Eagle Riders spot Dr. Aikens entering the Vorak base
The Eagle Riders spot Dr. Aikens entering the Vorak base.
Mallanox prepares to greet his mother
Mallanox prepares to greet his mother.
Nancy pleads with her mother to join the Vorak
Nancy pleads with her mother to join the Vorak.
Dr. Aikens rejects her daughter
Dr. Aikens rejects her daughter.
The Eagle Riders interrupt the family reunion
The Eagle Riders interrupt the family reunion.
Mickey and Kelly prepare for battle
Mickey and Kelly prepare for battle.
The Eagle Riders rush to save Dr. Aikens
The Eagle Riders rush to save Dr. Aikens.
Dr. Aikens is unconscious on a deep space rocket
Dr. Aikens is unconscious on a deep space rocket.
Kelly grieves for Dr. Aikens
Kelly grieves for Dr. Aikens.
Nancy is devastated by the loss of her mother
Nancy is devastated by the loss of her mother.
Joe and Ollie mourn the loss of Dr. Aikens
Joe and Ollie mourn the loss of Dr. Aikens.
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Nancy and her parents in happier times.