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Joe is surprised by a Vorak attack
Joe is surprised by a Vorak attack.

X44 Falling Prey

[G-II #49: Burn, Condor!]

The secondary Solar Shifter Plan is underway, and the construction of the backup Main Beam Cannon is nearly complete. Cybercon tells Mallanox that if he messes up again, he will be ‘reporting the weather from Pluto’.

Meanwhile, Mallanox’s agents have discovered Joe walking down the street in civilian mode. Vorak commandoes chase Joe on special motorcycles, shooting strange beams at him. Joe manages to outrun them, but the Vorak corner him and Joe ends up being hit. He flies into the air and falls a great distance back down to the ground. While recovering from this, two more motorcycles run him over, then the three remaining cycles catch him in their beams. I sure am glad that Joe is a cyborg at this point. Anyone else would already be a goner!

The beams cause Joe to turn into Incredible Hulk. Seriously, he turns green, starts growling and grunting, then walks over and picks up a motorcycle, holding it above his head and throwing it at another one. He then rips apart the last remaining motorcycle with his bare hands. The only thing missing is his clothes ripping off. (Darn!)

However, this transformation has left Joe weak. He wanders off, dazed and exhausted, not realizing that his wristlink has been damaged and has fallen from his arm.

Joe’s wristlink is found, and Dr. Keane and the other Eagle Riders worry about him, since they don’t know where he is.  They go out in the Ultra Eagle, attempting to locate him, even though they have no idea where he could be.

Joe has made his way to a place that rents seaplanes, and insists on flying out in the middle of a storm. The owner of the business asks Joe if he wants to have coffee, first. Joe replies that he doesn’t drink coffee. The owner asks if Joe is sure. These are Ethiopian beans. Joe responds that the only beans he likes are ‘human beans’. (groan)

As Joe leaves, we see the owner talking to the Vorak agent who had tracked Joe down. The owner has placed a locator transmitter on the plane, so the Vorak can track Joe. The shop owner is shot for his trouble to help the Vorak.

Joe intended on radioing Dr. Keane to tell him where he was, but the radio on the plane is out, so he decides to do it from Professor Andro’s base. Seems Joe is headed to Andro’s island so the Professor can repair the damage done to him during the Vorak attack.

However, when Joe arrives, the place is filled with Vorak androids, and Joe has a tough time avoiding them in his exhausted state. He hides in the underground caverns surrounding the base, and the Vorak destroy the base in a massive explosion to flush Joe out.

Meanwhile, Professor Andro has just discovered Cybercon’s location. He records the information on a data tape just as he sees the Vorak in his base. Andro escapes before the explosion takes place.

Unfortunately, the Professor is hurt by a Vorak sniper outside of the base, although he manages to crawl off and radio the Ultra Eagle. The other Eagle Riders rush to come to Andro’s and Joe’s aid, landing on the island.

Hunter goes off to find Professor Andro, while the others look for Joe. Hunter uncovers the Professor’s communicator, as well as a group on Vorak soldiers. Hunter has a great fight scene here, which includes rising up from underground (zombie-style) to toss goons in the air, and rolling and shooting on the ground. The Vorak androids are defeated.

Professor Andro is close by to the scene of the fight, and hurt. Hunter goes to Andro and collects the data tape. Andro says that Joe was built with the special capability of defeating Cybercon; that no human can do it.

Joe comes upon the Vorak agent (who has been tailing him the entire episode). The agent is about to attack Hunter, and but Joe takes him out with feather darts. However, Professor Andro is hurt even more in the confrontation and passes out. Seeing Andro so hurt enrages Joe, and he grabs the Vorak agent to beat him up. Hunter grabs Joe’s arm and stops him from doing this, telling Joe that the violence has to end here. Joe backs off, realizing that Hunter is right. Wow, Joe really has changed! I’m not sure this is for the better, though. Violence seems to be the only message the Vorak understand.

Despite things looking grim for Andro, we learn that he is merely hurt, and will make a full recovery.

Joe knocks a Vorak Commando off of his motorcycle
Joe knocks a Vorak Commando off of his motorcycle.
Joe goes all Incredible Hulk
Joe goes all Incredible Hulk.
Hulk Joe throws a motorcycle
Hulk Joe throws a motorcycle.
Joe escapes from the Vorak ambush
Joe escapes from the Vorak ambush.
Joe flies to Professor Andro's secret base
Joe flies to Professor Andro's secret base.
Hunter and Kelly attempt to locate Joe
Hunter and Kelly attempt to locate Joe.
Joe attacks Vorak androids
Joe attacks Vorak androids.
The Eagle Riders leave the Ultra Eagle
The Eagle Riders leave the Ultra Eagle.
Hunter thwarts a Vorak ambush
Hunter thwarts a Vorak ambush.
Hunter sends his love to a Vorak goon
Hunter sends his love to a Vorak goon.
Professor Andro tells Hunter about the data tape
Professor Andro tells Hunter about the data tape.
Joe prepars to punch the Vorak agent
Joe prepars to punch the Vorak agent.
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Hunter convinces Joe to stop the violence.