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Dr. Keane selects Hunter for a special mission
Dr. Keane selects Hunter for a special mission.

X41 Identities

[G-II #46: Gatchaman Exposed]

Director Anderson is summoned to a laboratory by the International Science and Technology Institute in the middle of the night, and asked to bring a top secret case with him. The contents of the case are so secret that even though it is in his possession, Director Anderson doesn’t know what it is.

The case actually contains a special computer called a Thermal Beam Sensor, which has been designed for the Ultra Eagle, so that the Eagle Riders can locate the remaining Thermal Beam Generators on Earth and destroy them. Unfortunately, as everyone is discussing this, the laboratory is destroyed by the Vorak, causing injury to Director Anderson.

The Eagle Riders are sent to investigate, minus Hunter. He is asked to go incognito to another laboratory in Florida that was also destroyed. He is to go undercover so that Mallanox will not realize that the Eagle Riders have been split up.

Hunter flies to Florida wearing a suit and tie, and enters the only building still left standing on the Florida Base, which houses a few adults and a number of children. They all insist that a monster destroyed the lab, and one boy states that if the Eagle Riders were to come, they could stop it. Hunter promises to ‘see what he can do’. (A/N: These scenes are from Gatch II episode 36, which was never made into an Eagle Riders episode.)

Back on the coastline near the other destroyed laboratory, Hunter encounters a young man named Sam Anderson, who is Director Anderson’s grandson. Sam is distressed that his grandfather was hurt in the Vorak attack, and vows revenge. Hunter is strongly affected by Sam’s words, and later Joe finds the Eagle Rider in the same place.

Hunter states that he doesn’t want to be responsible for such sorrow anymore, and is thinking of quitting the Eagle Riders. Joe tells Hunter that he is needed, and Hunter concurs, stating that Joe is right and he won’t quit after all. This seems like a rather fast capitulation, but it’s a matter of editing. In the Gatchaman II version of this episode, Joe had to belt Ken to get him to realize that he shouldn’t quit the team, but that part was cut for Eagle Riders and here Hunter agrees pretty quickly that he shouldn’t quit.

Meanwhile, Mallanox has stolen an idea from one of the androids and presents it to Cybercon as his own, stating “I have great ideas! I’m not just a pretty face, you know!” The idea: to capture the leader of the Eagle Riders, because the team would fall apart without him. Um, Mallanox, are you confusing Hunter with Joe? Oh, wait, last episode Joe and Hunter had role reversal. Never mind!

Cybercon actually agrees that this is a good plan.

A Vorak spy sees Sam talking with Dr. Keane (they were actually talking about Director Anderson’s condition) and assumes that Sam is the leader of the Eagle Riders. Sam goes flying in a jet plane, and is shot down by the Vorak and captured. The Eagle Riders look for him, but find no sign of Director Anderson’s grandson. Sam has simply disappeared.

Hunter hangs out in the computer lab that night and encounters the Vorak spy who fingered Sam to begin with. Hunter is able to get the man to tell him that the Vorak have kidnapped Sam, believing him to be the leader of the Eagle Riders.

At first, Sam ‘admits’ to being an Eagle Rider, but that ends when he fails in an escape attempt. Mallanox is torturing him, but to Sam’s credit, he doesn’t say anything. Without warning, Mallanox jumps down to a lower floor of the base, noting that there are three guards present instead of the two he asked for. “I know you might all seem the same to an untrained outsider,” Mallanox says to the green-uniformed guards, “but I spot a fraud!”

The mask of the fraudulent guard is ripped off, and it is revealed to be Hunter. Why Hunter wasn’t wearing his Eagle Mode underneath (as Joe did when he impersonated a Vorak guard in episode 33) is unknown. Perhaps Joe is better at this infiltration stuff than Hunter is? Regardless, Hunter’s bare face is exposed.

“It’s my party and you’re a party pooper!” Mallanox exclaims, just before Hunter back flips two stories up and declares that he is an Eagle Rider. Mallanox doesn’t believe him, so Hunter dashes into a nearby corridor and transforms, coming back out in Eagle Mode. He proceeds to take out all of the Vorak soldiers and free Sam. Hunter even defeats Mallanox in hand-to-hand combat, while Mallanox wields an ineffective light saber.

However Mallanox escapes and launches the Stegosaur robot. It turns out that Hunter and Sam are actually onboard this robot. They discover an arsenal with enough missiles to blow up the entire planet Earth. Fortunately, there is a hatch in the wall and Hunter wrenches it open, jumping out into the sky with Sam, where the Ultra Eagle picks them up.

Rather than have the Ultra Eagle attack the robot, Hunter insists on taking it out himself in the Super Hawk, by shooting a missile through the door to the arsenal (he and Sam left it open when they jumped). He has definitely switched roles with Joe. This is the kind of thing our friendly neighborhood cyborg would normally be running off to do on his own.

It also seems that the ‘new’ Super Hawk has been restored to its original appearance, as it is no longer the 0-G ship that was lost in space in the previous episode.

The robot is destroyed, but Mallanox escapes in his usual pod, laughing that now he knows Hunter’s secret identity and that makes the Eagle Riders easier to defeat.

Hunter discusses his upcoming mission
Hunter discusses his upcoming mission.
Hunter travels to the Florida base incognito
Hunter travels to the Florida base incognito.
Hunter calms down a boy who insists that a monster stormed the Florida base
Hunter calms down a boy who insists that a monster stormed the Florida base.
Hunter and Sam meet
Hunter and Sam meet.
Joe is angry that Hunter wants to quit the Eagle Riders
Joe is angry that Hunter wants to quit the Eagle Riders.
Hunter's face is revealed to Mallanox
Hunter's face is revealed to Mallanox.
Mallanox orders an attack on Hunter
Mallanox orders an attack on Hunter.
Hunter dodges Mallanox's light saber
Hunter dodges Mallanox's light saber.
Hunter prepares to rescue Sam
Hunter prepares to rescue Sam.
The Vorak's Stegosaur robot
The Vorak's Stegosaur robot.
Hunter and Sam jump out of the Stegosaur robot
Hunter and Sam jump out of the Stegosaur robot.
Sam arrives safely on the Bridge of the Ultra Eagle
Sam arrives safely on the Bridge of the Ultra Eagle.
Kelly is less than impressed with Hunter's stubbornness
Kelly is less than impressed with Hunter's stubbornness.
Hunter insists on using the Super Hawk to take down Mallanox's robot
Hunter insists on using the Super Hawk to take down Mallanox's robot.
Everyone watches as the Stegosaur explodes
Everyone watches as the Stegosaur explodes.

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