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Dr. Keane asks Dr. Aikens what's wrong
Dr. Keane asks Dr. Aikens what's wrong.

X37 Evil in Disguise

[G-II #42: The Observatory in the Darkness]

Dr. Richard Richman is receiving a special award at the International Institute of Science and Technology. Dr. Richman has developed the Solar Telescope, which is of great benefit to mankind. Dr. Richman states that his only hope is that Mallanox will not get his hands on the invention. The scientist’s voice is familiar. Is that because we know this person, or because the voice actors are doing multiple roles? Only time will tell…

Dr. Keane is in attendance, and Dr. Aikens has driven him there. She is waiting in the car outside, putting on lipstick and wondering how long he’s going to make her sit there like some second rate limousine driver. (Okay, I made that last part up.)

Dr. Richman leaves the building and gets into his car, which conveniently is parked next to Dr. Aikens. She feels a psychic connection that she can’t explain with the Doctor, although she’s never seen him before. She drops her lipstick in fright, and feels that the man is dangerous. Richman tells his driver that he doesn’t know Dr. Aikens either, but his shocked face suggests otherwise.

Cybercon asks Mallanox how many bases Mallanox has built on Earth. The answer: 47. And how many of those bases have the Eagle Riders destroyed? Only 36. Obviously the Eagle Riders are not doing their jobs well enough. Oops, Cybercon doesn’t see it that way. He informs Mallanox that there had better be no more bases destroyed. Mallanox insists that the latest Vorak base is hidden ‘in plain sight’, and will not be destroyed.

Imagining herself to be James Bond, Dr. Aikens dresses in a skintight black catsuit and decides to sneak into Dr. Richman’s laboratory late at night. She manages to get in, and even accidentally discovers how to make the floor open up to reveal a secret Vorak Base underneath. Confidently, she jumps down as if she were wearing bird wings. She finds papers detailing the Solar Shift Plan: the Vorak plan to destroy the Earth. Horrified, Dr. Aikens begins taking photos from a James Bond-esque camera hidden in her tie. (Yes, she’s wearing a tie with her tight black catsuit. I don’t know why. Must be her late 70s sense of fashion.)

Luckily, the camera is also some kind of communication device (amazing what they can fit into a tie these days) and Dr. Aikens manages to contact Dr. Keane and let him know that she’s in a Vorak base, just as she is discovered.

At this point Dr. Aikens realizes that she is nowhere near as good as the Eagle Riders, as she has a hard time dodging the gunfire sent her way. She is easily caught by a group of Vorak soldiers.

In the meantime, the Eagle Riders are coming for Dr. Aikens. They can’t risk destroying the base with her inside, so Hunter decides to go in solo to rescue her, and then contact the others when he is done, so they can send a few missiles into the base. Off goes Hunter in the Super Hawk.

Meanwhile, Dr. Richman comes to see the captured Dr. Aikens, who is cowering on the floor. Again Dr. Aikens feels the psychic connection between herself and Richman, but why? Richman declares that it’s time to kill Aikens, and holds the gun at her head, but finds himself unable to pull the trigger. He doesn’t know why. He claims that Aikens is somehow preventing him from shooting.

One of the Vorak androids, eager to impress, states that he will shoot Aikens instead. But as he is about to do so, a Frisbee flies out and hits the goon’s hand, making him miss his shot. It is Hunter, and the Eagle Rider proceeds to make short work of the Vorak androids.

Hunter grabs Richman by the throat, calling the scientist a ‘traitor to his race’. But apparently that’s not true! Richman gets away and his costume falls off and he is revealed to be… Mallanox! No wonder the voice was familiar! And Dr. Aikens now understands that it was Mallanox with whom she was feeling that psychic connection. But she still doesn’t understand why.

Hunter runs out of the base with Dr. Aikens, but a horde of Vorak soldiers chase them. Hunter’s wings manage to deflect hundreds of bullets… minus one, which hits his shoulder. Yet somehow, the pair makes it to the edge of a cliff and they dive off. Just as the Vorak soldiers are trying to figure out what to do about this turn of events, the Ultra Eagle rises up from below the edge of the cliff. Hunter and Dr. Aikens are holding onto a giant triangle hanging below the ship like some third-rate circus act. (No, I’m not making this up.)

Of course, Mallanox has a robot in reserve, and orders the activation of Triclops. Triclops is made from the Solar Telescope, and it’s head and two hands all look like the strange satellite dish things that the Vorak keep building. It releases a rainbow beam at the Ultra Eagle, despite the fact that its weapons are solar telescopes and it is nighttime.

The beam is powerful, and destroys the missiles Joe shoots at the robot. The Ultra Eagle is starting to feel the strain, not to mention the people on the chicken warship. The only way out is to perform the Fire Eagle Maneuver. But can Dr. Aikens withstand it? She is not, after all, an Eagle Rider. Joe insists that Dr. Aikens can do it if everyone surrounds her and protects her for the maneuver. It is done, and the Fire Eagle crashes through the robot, destroying Triclops and (when the burning robot falls on it) the base.

Afterwards, a seemingly naked Dr. Aikens wakes up to a smiling Hunter and Dr. Keane. Just what were they doing when the naked Dr. Aikens was asleep? Apparently, they were analyzing the photos she took, which have turned out to be very valuable data in the fight against the Vorak. I guess Dr. Aikens’ little escapade has helped to defend the Global Good.

The usual hijinks onboard the Ultra Eagle
The usual hijinks onboard the Ultra Eagle.
Dr. Aikens contacts the Eagle Riders with her tie
Dr. Aikens contacts the Eagle Riders with her tie.
Vorak goons greet Hunter as he arrives
Vorak goons greet Hunter as he arrives.
Hunter accuses Dr. Richman of being a traitor to his race
Hunter accuses Dr. Richman of being a traitor to his race.
Dr. Richman is revealed to be Mallanox!
Dr. Richman is revealed to be Mallanox!
Hunter shoots the Vorak androids
Hunter shoots the Vorak androids.
Hunter rescues Dr. Aikens
Hunter rescues Dr. Aikens.
Hunter and Dr. Aikens take cover from Vorak gunfire
Hunter and Dr. Aikens take cover from Vorak gunfire.
Jumping off of a cliff is the only way to escape the Vorak
Jumping off of a cliff is the only way to escape the Vorak.
The Solar Telescope Triclops robot
The Solar Telescope Triclops robot.
The Ultra Eagle fires Bird Missiles
The Ultra Eagle fires Bird Missiles.
Kelly and Mickey are affected by the rainbow beam
Kelly and Mickey are affected by the rainbow beam.
Sheltering Dr. AIkens for Fire Eagle Mode
Sheltering Dr. AIkens for Fire Eagle Mode.
Joe and Hunter have a difficult time in Fire Eagle Mode
Joe and Hunter have a difficult time in Fire Eagle Mode.
Dr. Aikens wakes up to Hunter and Dr. Keane
Dr. Aikens wakes up to Hunter and Dr. Keane.

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