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Drs. Aikens and Keane inform the team about the crashed Vorak rocket
Drs. Aikens and Keane inform the team about the crashed Vorak rocket.

X36 Mallanox in a Mess

[G-II #41: Gatchaman vs. Gel Sadra]

The Vorak are finishing work on their new weapon: the Mega Cosmic Gamma Blaster. They only need one more component: the Ultratron Device. Due to the importance of this component, Cybercon sent it to Mallanox via Subterranean Mole Rocket. Unfortunately for the Vorak, the Mole Rocket hit an irregularity in the Earth’s crust and veered off path, crashing in the jungle of the Kong region of Central Africa.

Cybercon claims that the accident was a ‘miscalculation’ and Mallanox gleefully points out that Cybercon ‘never’ makes miscalculations. ‘I’m looking at one of them!” is Cybercon’s angry response.

Mallanox is ordered to collect the Ultratron Device from the rocket before the Eagle Riders can find it. However, our heroes aren’t far behind the Vorak in responding. Dr. Keane’s satellites detected the Mole Rocket crash and the Ultra Eagle is on its way to investigate, although the Eagle Riders don’t fully understand the importance of what is happening.

Mallanox and a team of Vorak androids arrive at the crashed rocket and retrieve the Ultratron Device, then set off a bomb to destroy the remains of the rocket. Unfortunately, the androids bumble this task and Mallanox’s transport plane is destroyed as well, along with the androids! I think the Vorak probably could have succeeded in their plans a long time ago if they had put their time and resources into developing a better AI for their androids. This is a screw-up of massive proportions, especially as it leaves Mallanox all alone in the middle of the jungle with the Eagle Riders approaching. Afraid, Mallanox runs off, Ultratron Device in hand, attempting to get back to his base on his own.

When they land, the Eagle Riders find the place where the Mole Rocket left the ground and split up to investigate. Kelly tries to contact Hunter on their wristlinks, but the electro-magnetic pulse and residual atmospherics from the rocket’s impact are hampering communications. Hunter cannot talk to anyone and is on his own.

Hunter follows strange tracks and discovers that they belong to Mallanox. Ready for action, Hunter pulls out his Frisbee, and releases it just as Mallanox fires with a gun.

Mallanox is obviously a bad shot, as even three feet away from Hunter he can only manage to hit the side of the Eagle Rider’s helmet. Hunter’s Frisbee goes off course but still manages to knock Mallanox’s weapon from his hand. Hunter is dazed for a second from the hit on his helmet, allowing Mallanox to escape. Hunter takes off after him.

Mallanox surveys the area. “Green, my least favorite color, and so much of it!” he observes, while looking at the trees. I guess then Mallanox wasn’t the one who designed the Vorak android uniforms!

Mallanox finds a hungry leopard and somehow manages to send it at Hunter when the Eagle Rider approaches. Hunter fights hand to hand with the snarling leopard, but is able to stun it with his gun. However, this encounter has allowed Mallanox to run off once more, and this time he is hiding in a deserted village.

Hunter enters the village, but as he does, Mallanox pulls a syringe from his boot, then leaps off of a roof, attacking Hunter with a dagger. Hunter is able to throw off Mallanox and grab the Ultratron Device from the Vorak Leader. But just as Hunter is attempting to question Mallanox about the Device, Mallanox drops his dagger, and poison gas is released, overwhelming Hunter. I have no idea where the gas came from. Maybe the syringe?

Mallanox escapes again, after reclaiming the Ultratron Device. I’m starting to wonder if we have previously underestimated Mallanox, overestimated Hunter, or both.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is worried because Hunter has not shown up to the meeting point and they can’t contact him on their wristlinks. They resolve to look for him.

Hunter has escaped the poison gas, using an anti-poison caplet, which is stored in one of the mysterious G Coins/pendants. Carelessly, he drops the G Coin on the ground outside of a waterfall, which turns out to be concealing the entrance to the Vorak base. But now that he’s back at his base, Mallanox has reinforcements, and a number of androids attack Hunter as soon as he appears. Hunter fights back, defeating many of the soldiers and managing to hold on until the rest of the team show up to help him. Seems the others found him by locating his discarded G Coin in the jungle. I guess in Hunter’s case, carelessness pays off!

The team is surrounded by more androids, and they use the Cyclone Maneuver. The resulting whirlwind destroys the weapon and blows the Ultratron Device out of Mallanox’s costume, before the Vorak Leader escapes.

Afterward, Mickey finds the Ultratron Device and is about to throw it away when Hunter stops him, declaring that they will take the Device back to Dr. Keane for further study. OF course, we never hear about the results of such analysis, but presumably this is an advantage for the Global Good.

Mallanox vents his frustrations on a helpless piece of equipment
Mallanox vents his frustrations on a helpless piece of equipment.
Ollie isn't impressed with Mcikey's goofing off on the job
Ollie isn't impressed with Mickey's goofing off on the job.
Hunter and Mallanox have an unexpected meeting in the jungle
Hunter and Mallanox have an unexpected meeting in the jungle.
Kelly is unable to contact Hunter on her wristlink
Kelly is unable to contact Hunter on her wristlink.
Hunter faces a hungry leopard
Hunter faces a hungry leopard.
Mallanox atttempts to stab Hunter with his dagger
Mallanox atttempts to stab Hunter with his dagger.
The other Eagle Riders finally catch up with Hunter
The other Eagle Riders finally catch up with Hunter.
Flying down to fight Vorak goons
Flying down to fight Vorak goons.
Kelly attacks the Vorak androids
Kelly attacks the Vorak androids.
Mickey throws his ball at a goon
Mickey throws his ball at a goon.
Hunter and Joe protect each other's backs
Hunter and Joe protect each other's backs.
Creating the Cyclone Maneuver
Creating the Cyclone Maneuver.
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