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Mickey is supsicious of the strange man at the Animal Sanctuary
Mickey is supsicious of the strange man at the Animal Sanctuary.

X35 Wild Country

[G-II #40: Violent Battle: The Evil Animal Maneuver!]

The Eagle Riders were scheduled for leave, but when they got the opportunity to provide special security at an African Wildlife Sanctuary where Dr. Aikens was performing experiments, they all jumped at the chance. I’m not getting something, here. They can go on vacation, or provide guard duty, and they chose guard duty? There’s something wrong with this picture. If they were so thrilled to be going to the Wildlife Sanctuary, couldn’t they have visited a similar place on their own while on leave?

Dr. Aikens is at the Sanctuary to develop a device to communicate with animals, by studying how the animals interact with psychic children. The technology comes from the Vorak Virtual Probe (episode 27). I guess something good is coming from the Vorak presence!

The peace of the Sanctuary is threatened when a strange man walks up, leaves two bags and leaves. Mickey chases after the man with one of the bags, but the man claims it is not his and runs off. Mickey notices the bag is ticking and pulls out a bomb. Wow, Mickey certainly was on the ball for his guard duty!

Mickey throws the bomb away, but it still goes off. Hunter throws himself over Drs. Keane and Aikens, while Kelly protects the children from the blast. Somehow, Keane and Aikens get out from underneath Hunter and take cover in the bush, only to have someone else point a rifle at them. Joe throws a feather dart, taking out this assassin. Everyone surmises that the attack was from the Vorak, but why?

At that moment, Joe receives a mental transmission from Professor Andro. Andro informs Joe that there is a nearby Vorak base, and that Cybercon is there himself, as he has traveled to Earth.

As usual, Joe simply takes off without letting the others know what is going on. I’m wondering why, as he certainly could have used some help, but this is typical of our favorite cyborg! Joe runs off in the Falcon Tracker, and heads to the co-ordinates Professor Andro provided, but all he finds is a cliff. Without warning, the Falcon Tracker is caught in quicksand and sinks into the ground.

Back at Gateway City, everyone is upset that Joe just ran off again, although to their credit, no one is really surprised. But their anger turns to concern when Professor Andro contacts Dr. Keane. Andro tells Keane that he ordered Joe to find the base and Dr. Keane tells Andro off for giving orders to an Eagle Rider. You tell him, Dr. Keane! Clearly Joe’s loyalties are divided, and in times of crisis a clear chain of command is warranted. If Andro really wants to be involved, why doesn’t he join the ISO?

Andro actually apologizes and gives his data to Dr. Keane. I guess he’s realizing the same thing. Andro is worried about Joe too, as he was supposed to check in three hours ago and didn‘t.

The team takes off to look for Joe. Kelly and Mickey travel in one direction on the Dove Cycle and Bird of Paradise, while Ollie takes the Owl Cat in another direction. Hunter stays on board the Ultra Eagle.

Meanwhile, Dr. Aikens has decided that she’s James Bond again, and she takes off to go find Joe as well. The animals take her to the Vorak base through an underground animal graveyard. I guess they knew it was there because the animal graveyard was disturbed?

Kelly and Mickey find the Falcon Tracker’s tire tracks, and are also caught by a manufactured sandstorm and the quicksand.

The Vorak are building a Solar Attractor, and they want to use it to destroy the Earth. When they discover that Joe has fallen into their quicksand trap, they chain him up and Mallanox questions him. Joe taunts Mallanox, making him angry, but this only results in Mallanox literally attempting to pull Joe apart with the chains that restrain him. Cybercon stops Mallanox from killing Joe, wanting to question Joe himself.

Cybercon wants to know the name of the human helping Joe and giving him information. So it seems that Cybercon doesn’t know about Andro! Interesting… Not surprisingly, Joe refuses to talk, even when Kelly and Mickey are brought in and chained as well.

Cybercon threatens to hurt these other Eagle Riders, but Joe still won’t talk. Just as it looks like Kelly and Mickey will be killed, Dr. Aikens and the animals break into the base from the bottom, and Dr. Aikens releases their restraints. Kelly and Mickey take out the remaining androids, while Joe points his gun at Mallanox, stating, “I’m gonna do something I should have done a long time ago!”

Unfortunately, Mallanox is standing on a flying platform, and Joe misses all of his shots. Mallanox and Cybercon run off, but Dr. Aikens’ elephant tracks the pair (I think the elephant smells them… what does that say about Mallanox’s hygiene?) and busts through a metal wall to confront the Vorak pair.

Cybercon blasts the Eagle Riders with his power, and they are literally stopped in their tracks. Cybercon orders Mallanox to engage the Solar Attractor, but Mallanox decides to take matters into his own hands. He picks up a laser rifle and begins shooting madly. Everyone scatters, except Dr. Aikens, who simply falls over onto the ground. Mallanox approaches her, and is about to shoot Dr. Aikens at point blank range when the elephant chases Mallanox off. In his haste to get away, Mallanox drops his gun on a suspicious red button. Surprise! This activates the Solar Attractor (which is what Cybercon wanted Mallanox to do all along). Unfortunately for the Vorak, something goes wrong, and the Attractor begins to explode, just as Cybercon and Mallanox take off. Everyone is forced to evacuate the base.

Hunter, in the Ultra Eagle, sees Cybercon’s pencil ship leaving the base and shooting into the water. Hunter follows, only to discover that he can’t catch the ship once it engages its Inter-Warp Beam. Hunter is frustrated, but the team is safe and the Solar Attractor was destroyed.

Hunter lectures Joe about running off on his own, and says that if Joe ever does that again Hunter will have to recommend that Joe is dismissed from the team. Joe reluctantly agrees that he can’t defend the Global Good on his own, and apologizes. I am blown away by this, but it seems as if Joe is really maturing, and I now have an even greater respect for him. Let’s just see if he can follow through on this promise in later episodes…

Mickey discovers a bomb in the stranger's forgotten bag
Mickey discovers a bomb in the stranger's forgotten bag.
Joe and Ryu take on the Vorak assassins
Joe and Ryu take on the Vorak assassins.
Joe receives a mental message from Professor Andro
Joe receives a mental message from Professor Andro.
Joe and his Falcon Tracker are caught in quicksand
Joe and his Falcon Tracker are caught in quicksand.
The team rushes to find Joe
The team rushes to find Joe.
Mallanox attempts to pull Joe apart
Mallanox attempts to pull Joe apart.
Unexpected indtruders disturb Mallanox's questioning
Unexpected indtruders disturb Mallanox's questioning.
Kelly attempts to escape the quicksand whirlwind
Kelly attempts to escape the quicksand whirlwind.
Kelly and Mickey are captured by the Vorak
Kelly and Mickey are captured by the Vorak.
A monkey shows this goon who's boss
A monkey shows this goon who's boss.
Kelly, Mickey and Joe are released from their bonds
Kelly, Mickey and Joe are released from their bonds.
Kelly and Mickey come face to face with Cybercon
Kelly and Mickey come face to face with Cybercon.
Mallanox prepares to shoot Dr. Aikens
Mallanox prepares to shoot Dr. Aikens.
Cybercon blasts the Eagle Riders with his power
Cybercon blasts the Eagle Riders with his power.
Hunter chases after Cybercon's 'Pencil Ship'
Hunter chases after Cybercon's 'Pencil Ship'.

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