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Rick runs past Joe, chasing his soccer ball
Rick runs past Joe, chasing his soccer ball.

X31 Old Ties

[G-II #35: Berg Katse's Legacy]

Cybercon is berating Mallanox yet again. “How can you conquer the Earth when you can’t even eliminate five little pests in funny costumes?” he asks. When Mallanox attempts a snappy response, it falls flat, and Cybercon tells him, “Don’t be funny, Mallanox, it doesn’t suit you.” Did I mention that I love Cybercon’s sense of humor?

After the insulting banter, Cybercon informs Mallanox that the Vorak have an ultimate weapon: the Hyper Mega Voltron. The Voltron is capable of counteracting the Fire Eagle Maneuver. Unfortunately, the scientists who created it are dead, and there is only a 3% chance that the one remaining person who knows how to operate it is still alive. It is not explained how or why these scientists died, or why this one remaining scientist would have such a small chance of using it. Don’t these aliens keep records? Cybercon himself is a massive computer, for goodness’ sake!

Mallanox vows to find the scientist. His name is Kaiser, a.k.a. Agent A7, and he is a defector from the Vorak Army.

Meanwhile, Joe is walking through town when he sees a boy running after a soccer ball in the road. An oncoming car approaches, and it is only Joe’s timely intervention that saves the boy’s life. The boy, Rick, and his father, Kaiser, are grateful. Joe spends the afternoon playing soccer with Rick, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with a friend outside of the team. I have to say, these Eagle Riders sure do make friends quickly! As Joe and Rick play, Kaiser sketches Joe. He is quite a good artist. None of the three realize that Vorak agents are spying on Kaiser the entire afternoon.

That evening, the three agents approach Kaiser outside of his apartment, threatening to harm his family if he does not co-operate with the Vorak. Kaiser reluctantly agrees. He tells his wife Lena that he has a ‘special conference’ to attend, and asks her to give Joe the drawing Kaiser made of him. Kaiser also promises to finish his drawing of Rick when he returns.

The next day, Lena is at Kelly’s snack bar, giving the drawing to Joe. How did Lena find Kelly’s Snack Bar, and know to reach Joe there? Seems that Joe gave out an awful lot of information about himself to complete strangers.

Lena tells Joe that it’s odd that Kaiser didn’t finish the drawing of Rick before he left, as Kaiser never leaves a drawing unfinished. Mickey notes how much Joe seems to care for the family.

Jun puts the drawing of Joe on the wall and states that she wishes that Kaiser could draw her as well. Yes, Kaiser’s artistic talent is that good. Just then, the team is summoned to action on their wristlinks. A giant Vorak Bat robot is attacking nearby cities. Kelly presses a red button on the counter, closing up the Snack Bar and sending the team into action.

But the Bat robot is just a decoy. Mallanox only wants to lure the Ultra Eagle to the Vorak’s secret subterranean base, to put them within range of the Hyper Mega Voltron. Mallanox convinces Kaiser to operate it by threatening again to hurt Lena and Rick. Wait a minute, Mallanox! Did you forget that there is only a 3% chance of this working in the first place, even if Kaiser were voluntarily cooperating with you?

The Ultra Eagle chases the Bat robot, and just outside of the Vorak base the robot turns a Freeze Beam on the ship. Hunter orders the team to shoot missiles at the robot, but the ship is frozen in place, as are the upward thrusters. The Eagle Riders cannot escape the Freeze Beam, and the inside temperature of the Ultra Eagle is now colder than 40 degrees below zero. Ollie moans that he forgot to put on his long underwear, as Hunter ponders a course of action. Eventually he declares that they have to use the Firebird Mode, even though Kelly protests that the quick change in temperatures could cause problems. She thinks that the Ultra Eagle won’t be able to withstand the sharp change in pressure. You may have a point there, Kelly, but do you have any other suggestions?

Hunter feels like the Fire Eagle is their only choice, regardless of the risks, and the Fire Eagle Maneuver is initiated. The Fire Eagle does not destroy the Ultra Eagle, but instead the ship escapes the Freeze Beam and is able to punch a hole through the Bat robot, destroying it.

Inside the Vorak base, Mallanox exults, ordering Kaiser to activate the Hyper Mega Voltron. Kaiser energizes the Voltron and sends a direct shot at the Ultra Eagle. The shot forces the Ultra Eagle out of Fire Eagle Mode and causes it to crash. I guess Kaiser beat the odds with his 3% chance.

Now that he has operated the device, Kaiser tries to leave, but Mallanox informs him that he isn’t going anywhere (basically reneging on the deal the Vorak had made with Kaiser). Kaiser seems surprised, but really, I thought he was intelligent. The Vorak would never let him go if it is to their benefit to keep him!

Just as Mallanox is gloating over the apparent deaths of the Eagle Riders, Hunter shows up, proving Mallanox wrong, stating that the Ultra Eagle ‘just has a few dents’. Wow, it sure looked like more than that! I think Hunter is exaggerating somewhat…

But Mallanox doesn’t. He flees, with Kaiser in hot on his heels. The two come across Joe, and Mallanox runs again, ordering Kaiser to fight Joe. Of course, Kaiser does so automatically. During the struggle, Kaiser’s mask comes off and he and Joe recognize each other. Wait, Kaiser recognized Joe from underneath his Eagle Mode helmet? It must be Kaiser’s artist’s eye. Kaiser declares that his family is more important than Joe and points a gun at the Falcon, only to be stopped by Hunter’s Bird Saucer.

Kaiser admits that he couldn’t have killed Joe anyway. Boy, you could have fooled me! Kaiser then pulls the self-destruct lever for the base, telling Hunter and Joe to get out of there. When he refuses to go too, Joe knocks Kaiser out and takes him with them.

The base is destroyed, and Kaiser is saved. Joe tells Kaiser that he should be glad that he has a wife and child. Joe walks off alone, pondering the loneliness that seems to be his fate, as an Eagle Rider. It is the price he pays to defend the Global Good.

Joe demonstrates his soccer prowess
Joe demonstrates his soccer prowess.
Kaiser's drawing of Joe
Kaiser's drawing of Joe.
Joe is impressed with his portrait
Joe is impressed with his portrait.
Joe speaks with Rick and Lena at Kelly's Snack Bar
Joe speaks with Rick and Lena at Kelly's Snack Bar.
The Vorak accept orders from Mallanox
The Vorak accept orders from Mallanox.
Hunter is surprised by the power of Mallanox's Freeze Ray
Hunter is surprised by the power of Mallanox's Freeze Ray.
The Fire Eagle combats the Vorak Freeze Ray
The Fire Eagle combats the Vorak Freeze Ray.
The damaged Ultra Eagle comes down for a landing
The damaged Ultra Eagle comes down for a landing.
Hunter arrives at the Vorak base
Hunter arrives at the Vorak base.
A Vorak's view of Hunter
A Vorak's view of Hunter.
Mallanox orders Kaiser to fight Joe
Mallanox orders Kaiser to fight Joe.
Joe prepares to fight Kaiser
Joe prepares to fight Kaiser.
Hunter lets his Frisbee fly
Hunter lets his Frisbee fly.
Hunter and Joe convince Kaiser to come with them
Hunter and Joe convince Kaiser to come with them.
The team and Kaiser escape the destruction of the Vorak base
The team and Kaiser escape the destruction of the Vorak base.

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