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X29 Shake Down in the Big Apple

[G-II #33: G-1's Rage]

Newsom City has been flooded, as a result of a devastating earthquake caused by the Vorak. The Global Security Council accuses Dr. Keane and the Eagle Riders of failing to neutralize the threat. I guess technically that’s true; clearly the threat wasn’t neutralized. But what makes them think that anyone could have seen this coming? Dr. Keane and the Eagle Riders have always been reactive when dealing with the Vorak. Perhaps it’s time to get proactive. Dr. Keane attempts to salvage his position by telling the council that the team is assembling at that moment.

After all of this, it turns out that Mallanox did not even authorize the earthquake: it was a premature use of the Vorak’s newest weapon. The attack was authorized by Captain Panther, who thinks a lot of himself and convinces Mallanox to go along with his ideas for another attack. Of course, Mallanox isn’t the brightest person, so it’s generally not too difficult to convince him to do anything.

The Eagle Riders split up in their individual vehicles to search the ruined city, and Joe, Kelly, and Ollie find a suspicious cathedral. How can a cathedral be suspicious? Honestly, I don’t know, but they thought it was.

The three enter, only to discover a huge Vorak missile. Strangely enough, despite the missile’s presence, there are no Vorak soldiers around. They all discover why this is, when the missile begins to launch. Kelly contacts Hunter, who tells them to get out of there. Why did Kelly have to contact Hunter to figure this out? Couldn’t she determine the best course of action on her own? 

But it is already too late. Joe throws his arms and wings around Kelly,  protecting her from the fiery blast of the missile launch. As a cyborg, Joe isn’t hurt by it. Of course, Ollie is left to fend for himself, while Joe and Kelly snuggle together.

An even worse problem presents itself when the missile triggers a violent earthquake that causes the entire chamber to collapse. Joe, Kelly, and Ollie are trapped in the rubble. At least Kelly gets to die in Joe’s arms… Okay, they’re not dead (Did you really think they had died?), but if I had to die, I can’t think of a much better place…

Hunter and Mickey go down to save their teammates, but Hunter crashes the Super Hawk in his haste. He’s really upset! Hunter ignores his crashed plane, jumping out to rush inside the cathedral, but he is hit by falling debris.

Mickey comes to aid him, only to hear Hunter growl, “Why is it the same shoulder always gets hurt?” as he cradles his arm. I guess Hunter has had this injury before.

Hunter determines that they must go in immediately and stage a rescue for Joe, Kelly, and Ollie, but Dr. Keane orders Hunter and Mickey to go and destroy a Vorak base on Lore Island instead. This base was discovered when the most recent earthquake occurred. Hunter protests the order, but Dr. Keane insists that if they don’t destroy this base there may no longer be a planet at all. Wow, that’s quite the guilt trip, Dr. Keane. I hope you’re telling the truth because if you’re exaggerating in the least, Hunter’s going to be furious later on.

Mickey is shocked when Hunter acquiesces, but eventually goes with him back to the Ultra Eagle, abandoning their teammates. Hunter pilots the ship and Mickey is on weapons.

As they approach the island, a giant mobile robot command base rises out from the ground. Captain Panther is commanding it, and he send out Electrobeams at the Ultra Eagle. The warship takes some damage, but Hunter attempts to ram the Ultra Eagle into the top of the Vorak robot, hoping to tear through it. Hunter, did you forget that you need to be in Fire Eagle Mode for that to work? I guess so, because instead of going through the robot, the nose of the Ultra Eagle bounces off, and the ship is sent hurtling toward the ground. Hunter attempts to pull up, but his shoulder is hurting him, making it difficult. Hunter, maybe this would be a good time to bring out Otto?

Hunter clearly wants to do this himself, and doesn’t even think of Otto. But Hunter knows they can’t afford to fail, so he attacks the underbelly of the robot, having Mickey send Bird Missiles at it to soften it up first. Amazingly, this works, and the nose of the Ultra Eagle is finally able to penetrate the robot.

Hunter and Mickey jump out of the Ultra Eagle, to the inside of the robot, only to run into Captain Panther and some Vorak guards. The two Eagle Riders defeat the soldiers easily, and Hunter spots the solar-powered Signal Generator that controls the earthquake-causing missiles. Hunter tells Mickey to destroy it while he takes care of the guards.

Mickey pulls out his gun and is about to shoot at the Generator when Captain Panther shoots the young Eagle Rider in the arm, causing him to drop his weapon and fall to the ground. Hunter runs to Mickey, distressed that he has failed at everything today. Hunter, I don’t think this is the time for self-doubt. Captain Panther laughs mockingly, and Hunter knows that he is defeated, unless…

Hunter challenges Panther to a one-on-one duel, which Panther (with his big ego) accepts. I can’t believe it. All of this training and futuristic technology and Hunter goes for the old mano e mano fight? Sigh…

At first the two combatants appear to be evenly matched, but then Panther hits Hunter’s wounded shoulder and goes in for the killing blow. Hunter manages to avoid the blow, then picks up Panther and throws him into the generator, causing it to explode. Hunter takes Mickey and they escape on the Ultra Eagle as the base is destroyed. Wow, Hunter, did you just kill a Vorak Captain? I sure hope that one was an Android!

Joe, Kelly, and Ollie are recovered through search and rescue efforts, and the Global Good is again successfully defended.

Kelly, Joe and Ollie think the cathedral is suspicious
Kelly, Joe and Ollie think the cathedral is suspicious.
Joe suspects something is wrong
Joe suspects something is wrong.
Joe shelters Kelly from the flames
Joe shelters Kelly from the flames.
Joe is concerned for Kelly's welfare
Joe is concerned for Kelly's welfare.
D'oh! Why did Hunter crash his plane and injure his shoulder?
D'oh! Why did Hunter crash his plane and injure his shoulder?
Hunter is truly upset about leaving his teammates behind
Hunter is truly upset about leaving his teammates behind.
The Ultra Eagle breaks through the Vorak robot
The Ultra Eagle breaks through the Vorak robot.
Too bad Mickey forgot to fasten his seatbelt before impact
Too bad Mickey forgot to fasten his seatbelt before impact.
Mickey prepares to take out the Vorak Signal Generator
Mickey prepares to take out the Vorak Signal Generator.
Hunter cradles a wounded Mickey
Hunter cradles a wounded Mickey.
Hunter challenges Panther to solo combat
Hunter challenges Panther to solo combat.
Hunter narrowly avoids Panther's attack
Hunter narrowly avoids Panther's attack.
Hunter's shoulder bothers him during the battle
Hunter's shoulder bothers him during the battle.
Hunter attacks Captain Panther
Hunter attacks Captain Panther.
Joe, Kelly and Ollie are rescued
Joe, Kelly and Ollie are rescued.

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