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Someone observes Joe arriving on Andro's island
Someone observes Joe arriving on Andro's island.

X22 Professor Andro's World

[G-II #25: The Cyborg's Lament]

The Space Ship Mercury is on its way back to Earth when it witnesses a strange meteor shower. The meteorites seem to be guided, and they crash into the ocean.

Back at Gateway City, Dr. Keane is analyzing data on the meteorites and confirms that they have radio-guided fragments. This seems like the Vorak’s handiwork, so the Eagle Riders are dispatched to the site where the meteorites landed. Upon arriving, they see strange salvage robots collecting the meteor fragments. The Ultra Eagle approaches, and the robots shoot missiles. Surmising that as salvage vehicles the robots only have one set of missiles (and are therefore out of ammunition) and certain that there is a Vorak base nearby, Hunter and Joe leave in their individual vehicles to find out where the Vorak are. Wow, that’s quite the trail of logic! But it seems to work, as Hunter and Joe are not attacked further.

Joe finds an underground passage, and when he emerges on the other side he finds that he is on a hidden island. He steps out of his Falcon Tracker, only to be attacked by strange beings. He fights them off, and prepares to battle their leader, Ulf. But amazingly, Ulf recognizes Joe, and announces that they are friends. Joe seems to buy this pretty quickly, which is odd, since he’s normally the suspicious one.

Meanwhile, the Vorak have attacked the salvage robots and taken off with the meteor fragments and one of the salvage workers. It seems that the salvagers were not Vorak after all! They were Ulf’s men. This is exciting: a third party getting between the Eagle Riders and the Vorak!

Ulf’s people are all androids created by Professor Andro at a secret laboratory on the island that Joe has discovered. The androids train on the island. But the Vorak are trying to destroy them by sending meteor showers at their location. Ulf’s androids were attempting to recover fragments to determine how the Vorak were able to control the meteorites. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so.

The androids greet Joe and tell him that he is welcome there, and Joe is emotionally moved. Ulf takes Joe to Professor Andro. Wait, if Andro was here, shouldn’t Joe have realized it with his locator device? 

Andro explains that the androids are undergoing tests for a ‘certain purpose’, but does not elaborate further. Hunter contacts Joe on his wristlink and calls him back to the Ultra Eagle.

The other Eagle Riders were able to collect fragments of the meteorites and Dr. Keane analyzes them at Gateway City. He discovers that they contain a special alloy, which can be controlled to move in a certain direction when hit with an Electro-Beam. Even as Dr. Keane is determining this, the Vorak are using Cranial Wave Sensors on the captured android, and are discovering the exact location of the android’s island. Another meteor shower is sent by the Vorak to Ulf’s island.

Learning about the meteors, Joe rushes off to save the androids, but he is too late. He arrives just in time to see a dying Ulf. Wow, someone who actually dies! Well, I guess Ulf is a 'full' cyborg, just like Kathy was. It must be okay for cyborgs to die. Good thing Joe is only part cyborg!

Ulf hands Joe a special data chip with all of the android training data. A visibly upset Joe takes the data chip to Professor Andro. Joe is angry about the fate of the androids. Professor Andro states that he was building the androids in an effort to learn more about how to strengthen Joe, and that he wants to upgrade Joe’s cybernetics. At first Joe is reluctant, but Professor Andro tells him that it would be a grave insult to Ulf’s memory to refuse the upgrade, since this is what the entire android colony died for. With that guilt trip riding him hard, Joe finally agrees to the procedures.

Professor Andro improves Joe’s cybernetics, making him better, stronger, faster… here we go again! Joe is now a much more powerful android than before. He rushes off to the Vorak base.

The Ultra Eagle locates the Vorak base, and after shooting down a number of Vorak fighter planes, Hunter follows two of them back into the Vorak base in the Super Hawk. Hunter attempts to destroy the Vorak’s Ultra-Fiber Guidance System (that controls the meteorites) but his jet crashes from a Vorak attack. The newly strengthened Joe is already inside the base, and he finds Hunter, reassuring him that everything will be okay.

How does Joe make it okay? He destroys the entire Guidance System with one well-aimed kick. There is a chain reaction explosion where the base is destroyed, and Joe helps Hunter escape. Joe knows that where he truly belongs is with the Eagle Riders.

Professor Andro is able to use the data on the chip Joe recovered to re-activate Ulf and all of the other androids. How nice. So they don’t really die. I guess Professor Andro’s guilt trip was just a way to manipulate Joe into doing what he wanted. Interesting….

Joe easily defeats his attackers
Joe easily defeats his attackers.
Ulf brings Joe to the android village
Ulf brings Joe to the android village.
Ollie is concerned at the briefing
Ollie is concerned at the briefing.
Joe returns to the island to find a wounded Ulf
Joe returns to the island to find a wounded Ulf.
Ulf gives Joe a data chip for Professor Andro
Ulf gives Joe a data chip for Professor Andro.
Professor Andro operates on Joe
Professor Andro operates on Joe.
Cybernetics inside of Joe's chest
Cybernetics inside of Joe's chest.
Joe recovers from surgery
Joe recovers from surgery.
Kelly is concerned for Joe and Hunter
Kelly is concerned for Joe and Hunter.
Hunter decides to fight the Vorak planes in the Super Hawk
Hunter decides to fight the Vorak planes in the Super Hawk.
Mickey isn't happy with Hunter's decision
Mickey isn't happy with Hunter's decision.
Hunter is hurt when the Super Hawk crashes inside the Vorak base
Hunter is hurt when the Super Hawk crashes inside the Vorak base.
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Joe gets Hunter out of the exploding base.