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The Eagle Riders accept their orders
The Eagle Riders accept their orders.

X19 Crisis!

[G-II #22: The Enigma of Stonehenge]

A strange radiation is spreading over the Earth, causing people to drop instantly of a dehydration sickness. If they do not receive immediate treatment they could die. Of course, when they drop, they appear to be dead immediately, but we are assured that this is not the case.

Dr. Keane isn’t sure where the radiation is coming from, and suggests that the Eagle Riders split up into three groups to search for its source, fearing that this disease could be caused by the Vorak. Well, duh. Isn’t everything bad that happens because of the Vorak? I think the Vorak caused Dr. Keane’s fashion sense to be impaired as well.

Ollie and Mickey comprise one of the search parties, and they have been assigned to cover the ground area. They are investigating some strange radio waves they picked up near Magilla’s Heights when they come across three boys who are studying the skies and monitoring radiation frequencies. It turns out that the boys have been seeing signs of alien activity for two years in this spot, and they proudly show Mickey the photos they have taken of UFOs. Ollie is skeptical, but Mickey is certain that their pictures document Vorak activity. Normally Mickey is pretty fast about jumping to conclusions, but this actually seems like a reasonable hypothesis to me, given that they’re the primary alien race visiting the Earth.

Mickey comes across one picture of a space ship that is obviously the ship used by Cybercon to come to Earth (in episode 1). Ollie laughs at the notion that it is a space ship, saying that it looks like a #2 medium lead pencil, so perhaps they should be looking for ‘sky-writing’. Mickey pulls rank and insists that they investigate anyhow; even though Ollie complains multiple times that he is hungry. Ollie seems to have lost all of his personality today, and has reverted back into his stereotypical persona.

The three boys accompany Mickey and Ollie as they investigate the area. I’m not sure why Mickey and Ollie go along with this. While on the mountain looking for the source of the radiation, the smallest boy, Davy, is overcome by his fear of heights. Mickey talks him through it. And just in time too! The group approaches a Stonehenge-style circle of stones and pillars that Davy claims was built by druids centuries ago. However, the unnaturally neat circles of vegetation surrounding the main pillar suggest that there are electro-magnetic lines underneath, and such technology could hardly be centuries old.

As the group comes in for a closer look, a large bulldozer-like Vorak ship erupts from the ground and chases them. Davy falls, and Mickey goes back to help the boy. Unfortunately they are captured, as are the two other boys. Only Ollie is left behind. He quickly gets back to the other Eagle Riders to tell them what happened.

After hearing from Ollie, the Eagle Riders and Dr. Keane examine the area, discovering that there is a large energy barrier in the shape of a dome over the main stone pillar in the area. They fear that a direct attack will warn the Vorak of their presence, and that might cause them to harm the three boys and Mickey. I guess they don’t have any faith in Mickey to protect the boys.

Hunter declares that they will just have to look for a weak spot, although Joe says that will take much too long. Dr. Keane agrees, as people are still being hit with this strange radiation sickness, but sees no other alternative to Hunter’s suggestion.

In the Vorak base underneath the ancient druidic stones, it turns out that Mallanox is performing Solar Ray tests. These Rays punch a hole through the Van Allen Belt, leaking solar radiation, which causes the illness that civilians are experiencing. The Ray is powered by a large device called the Solar Shifter, which uses Magnetic Energy drawn from the center of the Earth and Space Energy, combining them with a laser converter. This all seems a bit convoluted to me. If Mallanox can draw that much energy, why not just use it to create a weapon? Instead, he’s fooling around with this dehydration sickness that doesn’t even really kill people.

Cybercon is annoyed that the Vorak base has been found, but Mallanox gleefully announces that one of the four prisoners is an Eagle Rider, then promises not to fail Cybercon this time. Cybercon is skeptical, stating that if excuses were music, Mallanox would be a symphony.

Mickey and the three boys are being held within a large force field inside the main control room. Mallanox taunts them with a display of the Solar Ray, showing them hundreds of civilians falling ill. Clearly Mallanox is enjoying this little game of ‘Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond’.

In a flash of inspiration, Mickey insults Mallanox, telling him that he’ll never get anywhere commanding androids. As it so happens, Mickey has secret information that could make Mallanox more powerful. He pulls out something that looks like a gold coin with the letter G on it, and states that it is actually a Global Security Council Intelligence microfilm. Unfortunately, Mickey can’t give it to Mallanox since he’s surrounded by this force field. Mallanox falls for the obvious trick, lowering the force field. Mickey grabs a black strap from Mallanox’s costume, strangling him with it, and then jams his sonic gun in Mallanox’s back.

By threatening Mallanox, Mickey helps the other boys escape, and even manages to grab the tape of the Solar Ray information. The weapon cannot be used without it and this is the only copy. So in other words, Mickey makes up for his earlier mistake (of letting the boys come with them on the search) in spectacular fashion, and leads the viewer to wonder why Hunter doubted him in the first place. Of course, now we’re also wondering how Mallanox could be so stupid as to only have one copy of the Solar Ray tape.

Throwing Mallanox aside, Mickey shoots some androids with his gun before running off with the boys. Unfortunately, two of the boys are re-captured by Vorak, and only Mickey and Davy make it to the exit. Davy is too scared to leave by himself, but Mickey convinces him that he has to escape and take the data tape to Hunter, so Mickey can save Davy’s friends. Davy bravely agrees, and runs off to find the Eagle Riders, even overcoming his fear of heights to take a long jump to the ground.

Davy finds the Ultra Eagle, and Hunter gives the tape to Otto, who analyzes it, determining that there is a weak point is at the top of the Energy Dome, directly above the top of the stone pillar.

Mickey rescues the other two boys, and tries to contact the Ultra Eagle to tell them that he’s clear, but his signal can’t get through. He pulls a small explosive from his bootheel, affixes it to his sonic gun, and shoots it at the top of the Energy Dome. Seeing the signal, the Eagle Riders take the Ultra Eagle in through the ‘chimney’ created by the weak spot in the dome, shooting Bird Missiles at the pillar. The Vorak base is destroyed, all of the boys are safe, and the radiation dehydration sickness has been stopped. The Global Good has been defended once again.

Ollie and Mickey search for signs of radiation
Ollie and Mickey search for signs of radiation.
Mickey meets boys with an interest in UFOs
Mickey meets boys with an interest in UFOs.
The strange pencil-shaped ship
The strange pencil-shaped ship.
Mickey analyzes the boys' pictures of alien activity
Mickey analyzes the boys' pictures of alien activity.
Mickey puts Ollie in his place
Mickey puts Ollie in his place.
Mickey helps Davy get over his fear of heights
Mickey helps Davy get over his fear of heights.
Ollie is upset that he let Mickey be captured by the Vorak
Ollie is upset that he let Mickey be captured by the Vorak.
Dr. Keane gives orders to the Eagle Riders
Dr. Keane gives orders to the Eagle Riders.
Mallanox holds Mickey and the boys captive
Mallanox holds Mickey and the boys captive.
Mickey shows Mallanox his 'Intelligence Microfilm'
Mickey shows Mallanox his 'Intelligence Microfilm'.
Mickey takes control of the Vorak Base
Mickey takes control of the Vorak Base.
Davy brings the data tape to the Eagle Riders
Davy brings the data tape to the Eagle Riders.
Hunter is frustrated that he cannot find a way through the Energy Dome
Hunter is frustrated that he cannot find a way through the Energy Dome.
Mickey pulls a small explosive from his bootheel
Mickey pulls a small explosive from his bootheel.
The Eagle Riders head down into the Energy Dome
The Eagle Riders head down into the Energy Dome.

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