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The mysterious quake survivor overwhelms Kelly
The mysterious quake survivor overwhelms Kelly.

X18 The Imposter

[G-II #20: Crisis at G-Town!]

The island of Jojima is normally a tropical vacation paradise, but a huge earthquake in the area is both unexpected and disastrous. It turns out that the quake was caused by an underground electro-magnetic pulse, and Dr. Keane sends the Eagle Riders to investigate, suspecting Vorak involvement. The team splits up into their individual vehicles to search the area, and Kelly comes across a female survivor in a cave. While binding the woman’s  wounds, Kelly is attacked by the young survivor with an unexpected viciousness. Strangely, the woman is easily able to completely overcome Kelly, which seems odd for a ‘normal’ person.

The Eagle Riders return to the Ultra Eagle, and Kelly is fine. She reports to Hunter that she found no one on the island. Has she lost her memory? Or is there something more…?

Returning to Gateway City, ‘Kelly’ appears weak at the debriefing, and Dr. Keane suggests that she go to Sick Bay. She refuses, saying that she just needs to lie down, and leaves the room. The others do not appear to notice anything amiss.

Meanwhile, the real Kelly wakes up surrounded by Mallanox and an overwhelming army of Vorak androids. Mallanox informs Kelly that she looks cute when she’s asleep, and he’s pleased that she is staying with him… permanently. Oh my, does Mallanox have a crush on Kelly? Somehow, I suspect that such affections will remain unrequited.

Mallanox has taken Kelly’s sonic gun away, and she is unable to defend herself against the onslaught of soldiers. This doesn’t seem like Kelly either. Normally she’s very capable.

The imposter Kelly rewires circuitry at Gateway City, and seems very knowledgeable as to the complex’s inner workings. She contacts Mallanox, informing him that the main circuits have been bypassed, and that Mallanox now has access to Gateway City’s control systems. All that remains is for the imposter Kelly to implant a detonation device in the engine room.

The real Kelly is placed into a cell in Mallanox’s ship, and Mallanox gleefully informs her that Gateway City is to be destroyed, with her imposter’s help. There is another prisoner in the cell, an older man. Coincidence?

Gateway City operators think the massive submarine is moving toward the site of the electro-magnetic pulse that caused the Jojima quake, but instead, under Mallanox’s control, it is moving into a trap. Before long, the complex is trapped in a giant whirlpool on the ocean floor, and the Vorak ship begins shooting at the defenseless city.

The real Kelly helps the man with her in the prison cell escape. She then manages to fight her way out of the Vorak ship, swimming toward Gateway City. Now this is the Kelly I know and love!

Meanwhile, back on Gateway City, Hunter is still unaware of the crisis. He runs into Ollie and Mickey, telling them that he is going to check on Kelly and see how she is doing. But Ollie and Mickey say that they were just in her cabin, and she wasn’t there. Hunter contacts Kelly on his wristlink, and the imposter Kelly tells him that she is in Sick Bay getting aspirin. However, she doesn’t see Joe standing behind her, and he hears her lie. In fact, the imposter Kelly is on the Engine Deck, nowhere near Sick Bay! (As an aside, Kelly is in Eagle Mode with her wristlink when she is captured by the Vorak, yet this imposter Kelly seems to have a working wristlink that Hunter can contact. Interesting…)

Hunter’s wristlink flashes red when Kelly speaks, indicating that her voice patterns are not correct. Hunter realizes that it is not the true Kelly, and surmises that she is in the Engine Room, because he heard the noise of the Thermo Pods idling in the background as she spoke to him. Wow, Hunter, that is some hearing!

Hunter, Ollie and Mickey race toward the Engine Room.

Already there, Joe approaches the imposter Kelly and she confirms his suspicions when she shoots her ribbon at him… from her left hand. Joe points out that the real Kelly is right-handed. Joe, you noticed! Swoon…

After this revelation, the imposter gives up all attempts at pretense and fights back at Joe, leaping out of the way when Hunter, Ollie and Mickey show up. The four of them prove to be too much for her. Joe grabs her helmet and rips it off, revealing her true face and hair. She is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman whose facial features bear an amazing resemblance to Kelly.

The woman admits to being Eva Marie Douglas, and she says that she is helping the Vorak to obtain revenge on the Eagle Riders, because they killed her father, Professor Walter Douglas. Joe and Hunter protest this claim, but Eva declares that her father designed Gateway City and that the Eagle Riders had him killed, because he knew too much. She laughs, telling them that Gateway City will now be destroyed, and there is nothing they can do about it. Hunter orders Mickey to remove the detonation device Eva has planted, but Eva tells them that doing that will cause it to go off. Of course, the Eagle Riders believe her without any further investigation, even though she has just admitted to lying to them.

The real Kelly arrives and runs to Eva, handing her a gold locket. The man in the cell with Kelly was Professor Douglas, Eva’s father. It would seem that the Vorak lied to Eva, telling her that her father was dead so that they could use her. Now why doesn’t this surprise me?

Kelly informs Eva that her father is alive, and now safe from the Vorak. Eva believes Kelly, and realizes that she has been duped. Eva takes off with the Eagle Riders to destroy the Vorak ship and save Gateway City, which has become a sitting duck for Vorak missiles. The Ultra Eagle shoots at the Vorak ship, but it is too little too late: Gateway City is about to be destroyed. Eva declares that she knows how to destroy the Vorak ship, as all she needs is one clean shot at the vessel’s power source. She manages to get the shot, and even survives the resulting destruction of the ship. It’s amazing how these things work out.

Gateway City is freed, and Eva is reunited with her father once more.

Joe and Hunter search the island for the source of the quake
Joe and Hunter search the island for the source of the quake.
At mission debriefing, 'Kelly' feels ill
At mission debriefing, 'Kelly' feels ill.
Mallanox and a fish Captain gloat over their caputre of Kelly
Mallanox and a fish Captain gloat over their caputre of Kelly.
Kelly discovers Professor Douglas in her prison cell
Kelly discovers Professor Douglas in her prison cell.
Ollie and Mickey wonder why 'Kelly' is not in her cabin
Ollie and Mickey wonder why 'Kelly' is not in her cabin.
Joe confronts the imposter Kelly
Joe confronts the imposter Kelly.
Joe takes out the imposter
Joe takes out the imposter.
The real Kelly fights her way out of the Vorak ship
The real Kelly fights her way out of the Vorak ship.
The real Kelly works wonders with her ribbon
The real Kelly works wonders with her ribbon.
Kelly escapes the Vorak ship on an underwater vehicle
Kelly escapes the Vorak ship on an underwater vehicle.
Joe and Hunter contemplate the imposter Kelly
Joe and Hunter contemplate the imposter Kelly.
Joe interrogates Eva Douglas
Joe interrogates Eva Douglas.
Kelly tells Eva the truth about her father
Kelly tells Eva the truth about her father.

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