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The alien entity known as Cybercon
The alien entity known as Cybercon.

X1 For the Global Good

[G-II #1: Leader X's Counterattack]

A cruise ship is destroyed in the ocean, above a strange underwater base. Inside that base, an alien entity named Cybercon has brought his race, the Vorak, to Earth. Cybercon's General is a man named Mallanox, who will use the Vorak's army of androids to take over the Earth. To this end, Mallanox begins kidnapping renowned Earth scientists to aid in Vorak research.

The Global Security Council is listening to a report from Dr. Thaddeus Keane, who is informing them about the recent kidnappings and his suspicion that the Vorak are behind it. It turns out that the Vorak have attacked Earth in the past, and were defeated by a special team of humans with 'unique cellular structures' called the Eagle Riders. Dr. Keane reveals that he has already set the Eagle Riders to the task of discovering if it is indeed the Vorak who are behind these events.

The Eagle Riders' home base is Gateway City, a massive submarine moving through the ocean depths.

Dr. Keane is meeting with the Eagle Riders. It is learned that the previous defeat of the Vorak came at a heavy cost: one of the Eagle Riders was lost, a man named Joe Thax. The remaining Eagle Riders: Hunter Harris, Kelly Jennar, Mickey Dugan and Ollie Keeawani, vowed not to replace Joe in order to honor his memory, but Dr. Keane informs them that he has done so anyway. Clearly Dr. Keane is a sensitive man.

The team is introduced to Joe's replacement, a man named Zarnec. Strangely enough, Zarnec's face has a strange expression. Could it be... nastiness? Oh yes, his cruel smile seems to be mocking them. No one is happy with this turn of events.

Things get even worse when the Eagle Riders board their warship: the Ultra Eagle. The ship looks okay, except for the fact that it has a giant eagle head painted on the front of it. Well, it looks more like a chicken, but given the name of the show, I'm guessing that we're supposed to buy that it's an eagle. I think the Eagle Riders' strategy is to have the Vorak break up laughing every time they show up in that thing!

Onboard the ship, Zarnec is nasty and insulting, and still wearing the same mocking smirk. This allows Kelly and Hunter to hold hands in shock. Hmmm... does this indicate anything about the two of them?

Zarnec doesn't seem to notice. Dr. Keane contacts the Eagle Riders, sending them to Temple Island to investigate mysterious goings-on. Since Zarnec has been there before, he is ordered to lead the team through the base.

It seems that the entire team can come. We learn that on missions, the ship can be piloted by a robot named Otto, so that the regular pilot, Ollie, can join the team on the ground.

Zarnec leads the team into the bowels of Temple Island, and is condescending and rude the entire time. Eventually, he leads the Eagle Riders into a trap. Surprise! Well, not to me, but it certainly is to the Eagle Riders. I have to start wondering about their intelligence, but I can forgive them I guess if they're still upset about Joe's loss.

Hunter fights with some kind of round disc that he throws out like a Frisbee. It even has a 'whee' noise like a New Year's party favor. Not very scary, but it takes out a few goons/androids.

Kelly has a long ribbon, which seems a little tedious to use, as she whirls it into a long spiral before entrapping goons with it. Mickey has a rubber ball. I'm not kidding, it's a rubber ball of death that bounces from android to android, knocking them out. Ollie has... I don't know what it's called, but it's a big green glob of goo. It squelches on an android's face. It looks like the goon is suffocating, but since this is an android, clearly the goo is just melting his circuits. Fortunately, everyone seems to have a gun as well. After the fight, the Eagle Riders are introduced to Mallanox and they are left to fight a large statue robot, which they do successfully.

But then Zarnec attacks from the side of the room, and the team seems unable to stop him. He ducks behind rock columns and runs to another area. The team is hot on his heels and end up following him to another room, where they are trapped again with a large hand statue.

The statue has eyes on the end of each finger, and it shoots at anything that moves... Dun, dun, dun! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of... Sorry, I got carried away there. Oh well, it's my summary! Same Eagle time, same Eagle channel...

Gateway City
Gateway City.
Dr. Keane's office
Dr. Keane's office.
Ollie, Hunter, Mickey and Kelly
The Eagle Riders (from left to right): Ollie, Hunter, Mickey and Kelly.
Lost Eagle Rider Joe Thax
Lost Eagle Rider Joe Thax.
Zarnec and his nasty smile
Zarnec and his nasty smile.
Hunter and Kelly hold hands
Hunter and Kelly hold hands.
Dr. Keane gives the team orders while they are onboard the Ultra Eagle
Dr. Keane gives the team orders while they are onboard the Ultra Eagle.
Everyone is amazed as Otto flies the ship
Everyone is amazed as Otto flies the ship.
Zarnec leads the team into a trap
Zarnec leads the team into a trap.
Hunter and his Frisbee
Hunter and his Frisbee.
The Eagle Riders meet Mallanox
The Eagle Riders meet Mallanox.
The fingers on the hand statue
The fingers on the hand statue.
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